My Guardian Angel

Niall Horan is in the famous band One Direction, but he never thought it would be that hard. After suffering so much he made a decision he might regret. Friends and Family try their best to help him make up his mind but doesn't give in that easily. After meeting their new stylist, Heavenly, he saw things he never knew existed. Will this mysterious girl be the only one that could help him? Secrets will be reveled, miracles will happened, love will grow and hearts will be broken... Will the boys life get any better? Is there another way?


3. I just need some to listen... someone like you!

Liam’s pov:

After Heavenly shook Niall’s hand, his eyes soften his muscles relaxed and a small smile grew on his face and she returned the smile politely. I watched in awe as she pulled away and stood on the same spot as before, right next to Lou… the door suddenly opened making us turn around to see Paul standing on the door way…

“Umm, sorry for interrupting but…” he looked at his watched “you’ve got to rehears now and then you’ll come back to the ladies right here…” we all nodded and walked out the room.

“Ni, mate are you ok?” I say looking at him

“Yhea… why wouldn’t I?” he said and I stood there surprised. I havent seen him like this in weeks, and I thought I would have never see him like this again “Liam… Liam…. Are you listening to me?” he asked… I just looked into his eyes and saw that the hurt and pain was still there but I could see a hint of faith and… peace.

“What did you say?” I asked and he gave an loud sight

“That they are waiting for us…” he said spotting the obvious and I followed him to where everyone else was. James gave us our microphones and we started rehearsing…

Niall’s pov:

After rehearsal, Heavenly showed us some of her work and we got to know her a little better. She was a very nice and beautiful girl… the unusual gold color of her eyes was the thing that brought my attention. I know there is something behind those eyes. It makes me want to find out what it is, to get to know her better… On the car ride home, the boys talked about the new tour, but I remained silent, still thinking of that girl… that mysterious girl. I have time… plenty of time… just to get to know her better, to find her deepest secret. To find what she is hiding behind her look, her eyes…. Her touch…

“We are here…” Louis called knocking me out of my own thoughts… We got out of the car and into the house. The guys where still talking about how exited they are for going back on tour. I walked upstairs and opened my bedroom door. Once I entered I threw my phone on the bed and took my shoes of and threw them across the room. I lay on the bed and I turned on the TV, Friends was on…. After half an hour later I heard a knock…

“Come in…” I called to the person behind the door. The door slowly opened and I saw Harry coming in.

“Hey mate…” he sat at the end of my bed with his legs crossed


“How are you feeling?” he ask rising his eyebrow

“A little better…?” I said hesitant

“I can see that…” he said with a chuckling a little “…but, I wonder what made you feel better…. Or who?” he said rising his eyebrow on more time… I knew what was he talking about

“What are you talking about?” I tried to cover it up

“Oh come on mate! I know you like Heavenly…” he slightly pushed my shoulder mockingly

“I don’t like her…” he didn’t seem convinced “… is just that there is something in her that catches my attention.”

“Oh please…” he didn’t believe me yet

“I’m serious!!! Have you seen her eyes? They’re Gold!!” he looked at me weird “And there is something hiding behind those eyes, that look…. When I shook her hand I felt something…. I felt… peace…. Faith….”

“Wow… man, she is rather The One or your body and your feelings are really messed up… specially your eyes” he laughed

“What do you mean with my eyes?” he stood up and walked to the door.

“Mate, her eyes are brown not gold… you are seriously in love…” with that he left the room. I just sat there shocked by his words. In love? I swear to god her eyes were Gold!!

Oh come on!! Wake up Niall!! Who the hell haves gold eyes?! Maybe Harry was right… What if I had feeling for her? Oh come on, I don’t even know her!! Urgh this is so frustrating… I stood up and put my shoes on, I took my wallet and my phone and walked out of my room and downstairs…

“Where are you going?” Zayn came out of nowhere

“I’m going for a walk…” I said trying to sound nice. He just nodded and walked into the living room again. I walked outside not really sure where I was going… I walked for what seemed like forever finding myself in front of Starbucks. I entered the shop and walked up to order something. After I got my order I looked around to find a seat when I spotted her… sitting at the table by the window. I walked up to her shyly… She was looking out the window watching the people pass by…

“Hey…” she looked up at me and smile… her smile was white an bright

“Hey, I didn’t expect you to be here” she said cheerfully… I Smiled back at her… “Please sit down…” she said politely. I sat down in the seat in front of her…

“What are you doing here alone?” I asked

“I should be asking you the same thing…” she chuckled a little

“I just needed some fresh air and I ended up here…” I said looking down and blushing a little knowing that I went to take a walk to make up my mind about my feelings about her…

“Yhea.. Me too…” she said giggling making me smile… there was a moment of silence but she broke it

“Niall?” her sweet voice said


“Can I ask you a question?” she ask hesitantly

“Yhea sure…”

“Is just that I saw you quite down today…” I knew where this was going… “Why?” I looked at my hands and clench my jaw… she seemed to notice “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have ask…” she apologized

“No no, is fine… is just that…” I took a pause and she gave me a look like saying ‘Go on’ “Is just that I’ve been going through a lot and I’ve been feeling a lot of pain and no one seems to understand. I know every one wants to help but… they don’t listen…. They hear me but… they just don’t listen to what I’m saying….” I finish with a loud sight and I realized I was opening up to the girl that I might be in love with… “I’m sorry…” I apologize for coming so suddenly with all this information…

“Is ok…” she said softly. “But you know… I’m here…. I can listen…” I thought of it for a second

“I think you wouldn’t understand…” I answer not wanting to push her to listen to my depressing story

“Try me…” she said and I thought about it a second time before I gave in….

I told her everything… from the hate, to the decision I made of ending my life, to the fact the boys saved me from dying. I told her what I still think and how I felt… it was amazing how she Listened without interrupting, without bursting out telling me I was metal, that I had a problem… she seemed to understand, and that made me feel like I could trust her… She was the fist person to actually listen to everything I say about the situation. After I finish there was a moment of silence…

“I’m sorry…” she said looking down

“I not your fault…” I said taking her hand in mine

“What happened to you is really sad… but I seriously think ending your life is not the answer…” she said looking at me. Her words made me realize how stupid I was for thinking that…

“I know… it was the first thing that ran trough my mind… and it was stupid…” she smiled at me making me smile back… I looked into her eyes and I couldn’t help but ask… “Now can I ask you a question?” she nodded “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything but… you eye looked like if they were a gold color…” I saw her blush a little before she answered

“They are honey brown, but I have to admit they look gold…” she laughed… they are beautiful.

“Thank you…” she blushed…. Wait… did I just said that out loud? “Yup..” she laughed again.. How embarrassing …

After another small chat, we walked out of the shop and stood outside in silence for a moment before I spoke…

“Is was nice seeing you…” I said standing face to face in front of her… she was shorter than me so she had to look up to see me in the eyes

“Me too…” she said sweetly

“And thank you for taking your time to listen…” I said looking at my feet embarrassed

“It’s not a problem, Niall…” hearing her saying my name brought butterflies to my stomach… and finally I took the courage to ask her…

“Can I have your number?” she blushed before she said yes and gave me her phone so I could write my number in it… I send myself a random text so I could have her number… I gave her a tight hug before I said goodbye

“Bye Heavenly…” I said looking at her in the eyes

“Bye Niall… would I see you tomorrow?” I slightly nodded and she smiled and turned around and walked away. I did the same and walked to the opposite direction. When I turn around I was shocked to see that she have disappeared….



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