When Steve finds his enchanted diamond sword missing, who could it be but Herobrine? Steve sets off on a journey to vanquish this enemy and get back the sword he was missing. But when Steve meets this new gamer, is Herobrine the one who is actually responsible for the danger he finds himself in? Full of danger, action, fight scenes, romance, betrayal, and excitement, Stalked tells the thrilling tale of Steve's greatest adventure yet.

(For the Gaming Fan Fiction Contest)

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6. Leaving

Steve left the village the next day. With just two iron swords, a compass, two iron and one stone pickaxes, five loaves of bread, three cooked steaks, six apples, a crafting table, a bucket, and an iron helmet, Steve left his village, probably for good this time. Walking right out of the trap door in the ground near the wall he had built for a safe, villager-proof way to find supplies. As he walked through town, toward the door, the villagers all stopped fixing their houses to watch him pass by. Several waved, as if he were just going out to hunt and will be back before nightfall. Some saluted, like they knew that it just wouldn't be the case.  But Steve put on his brave face; not smiling, but grimacing, like he, too, knew this just might be goodbye... for good. 

When Steve reached the trap door at last, he turned and took one last look at his village. All the damaged houses were partially rebuilt, and Steve wished he could've stayed to help them finish. But he was doing a lot more than helping them a little, he was possibly saving each one of their lives. Hopefully. 

With one last deep breath, Steve opened the trap door and jumped down the hole. Grasping the ladder, he climbed down swiftly. When he landed, four blocks deep onto the cobblestone pathway, he pulled one the compass out of his inventory. He walked forward through the dirt and cobblestone tunnel under the village wall, then hit the ladder back up, winding up outside of town. 

Taking a good look around, Steve looked at his compass. He decided to head east, that seemed like a good way to go, seeming there was a mountain range probably loaded with caves that Herobrine could be hiding in. So he turned east and started walking. All around him, the world seemed to be holding it's breath, waiting for something bad to happen. Steve got the feeling that it was right, something was going to happen, and it was going to be bad. But he walked on, following an easterly direction. When night started to fall, he realized he needed a temporary house, and fast. Before monsters started to spawn, seeking for nothing but fresh player to devour. Steve shuddered. How he wished he had his good sword... but that was the main reason he was on this quest. With his sword he didn't have to go on the journey to find it.

It soon became too dark to find enough materials to build anything, so Steve gave up searching and found a small hill. There, he dug a hole in the ground at the base, digging a stairwell down into a hole that served as a makeshift house. He placed the bed and torches in the shelter he'd made along the way and settled into bed. He fell asleep immediately, his world fading into darkness. His last thought was, "Congratulations, Steve, you've survived day one of your great journey."

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