When Steve finds his enchanted diamond sword missing, who could it be but Herobrine? Steve sets off on a journey to vanquish this enemy and get back the sword he was missing. But when Steve meets this new gamer, is Herobrine the one who is actually responsible for the danger he finds himself in? Full of danger, action, fight scenes, romance, betrayal, and excitement, Stalked tells the thrilling tale of Steve's greatest adventure yet.

(For the Gaming Fan Fiction Contest)

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11. Ginger's Story


Ginger woke to a damp cloth being stroked against her cheek. Slowly, she opened her eyes. She saw Steve, a concerned look on his face, cleaning her face cuts. 

"Steve? What- what happened?" Then she remembered. "The jar- he smashed it on me. I was dead, then you came and killed him... why was he here?"

"Shh, don't strain yourself. You're hurt."

She glanced around. Her whole body was covered in bleeding scrapes and dark bruises. She groaned. "Ugh."

Steve handed her some bread, and she nibbled gratefully. 

"So, who was that guy who I killed? What was he after?"

Ginger swallowed her bite. "I don't know who he is. And it sounded to me like he was looking for something. I don't know what," she lied. After all, whoever it was would obviously want what she was storing, wouldn't he? But if Steve knew what she had, he'd freak out, maybe hurt her more. 

Somehow, the thought of this kind, wholehearted player hurting her was hard to imagine. He seemed so gentle, so tender. He didn't seem the type to want to hurt anyone. But still, she didn't tell him.

"Yeah, seemed like it. Do you own anything, valuable, maybe? Anything at all?"

She didn't like lying to him, but she shook her head anyway. "Nothing."

"Nothing you might keep in locked chests...?" he whispered.

She went pale. "You... went into the storage room?" 

"Well, I was only looking for you. I was about to leave, but a trail of bloody, broken glass led me to the cave."

The jar he smashed on her. It was probably everywhere. "Yeah, he did hit me with a jar," she admitted.


They were silent again as Steve finished cleaning her face, arms, hands, and feet. The rest she could do herself.

"So, Ginger, what happened to you to make you want to live all alone?" Steve finally broke the silence.

Ginger didn't reply. 

"Something terrible. Did someone attack you?"

She took a shaky breath. "It was a long time ago. I lived in a big, crowded village with my parents and brother. My brother, though, unknown to us, had been stealing from a nearby shop. When my parents found out, they turned him in. He was sent off to war as a punishment. I... I never saw him again. Then our village was attacked. My mother was taken hostage, and we all assumed she was dead, though she could be alive out there, tortured, to this day. But she might be dead. Nobody knows. My father went insane after that. They had to lock him up. So I was put in a system- I was just a kid, living with a group of teenage delinquents, and I was miserable. I learned how to keep my head down and my guard up. One day, they opened the town doors to let in a traveling circus, and I caught a glimpse of the outside world I had never known. One look past that door and I knew where I belonged. I wanted to be free, free of oppression, free of despair, free from the cramped room between 09143 and 07821, I was the only kid in the system who had a name, everyone else had a code they used to identify them, like animals, or criminals. I knew who I was- and it wasn't AP 91920, I was Ginger, a free girl. Then I met 01928. He was planning on escaping, but he didn't have a plan. Though reluctant to have a little girl tag along, he soon found I was an excellent fighter and smart enough to have a plan. So I did. We snuck out with the circus on their way back out, and  we escaped east. We were hunted down, but we evaded them for years. I grew up the rest of the way on the run- but I had everything I wanted. 01928 gave himself a new name- James. James and Ginger. He was only a little bit older, and he wanted me to marry him. But I didn't want to marry him, I just wanted him as my best friend. Like he had been, up until that day. He soon changed, becoming more hostile, less heroic. We drifted apart. It was years later, but we eventually parted ways. I stayed in the cave area, he went exploring a volcano area. I think he died in an eruption, though." Her eyes were glazed over, misty with tears. 

How could anyone survive such a life?

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