When Steve finds his enchanted diamond sword missing, who could it be but Herobrine? Steve sets off on a journey to vanquish this enemy and get back the sword he was missing. But when Steve meets this new gamer, is Herobrine the one who is actually responsible for the danger he finds himself in? Full of danger, action, fight scenes, romance, betrayal, and excitement, Stalked tells the thrilling tale of Steve's greatest adventure yet.

(For the Gaming Fan Fiction Contest)

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7. Creepers

The sun was shining through the tunnel when Steve woke up again. He sat up groggily and tried to make sense of his surroundings. Around him, there were dirt walls in place of his usual wooden ones, the dank, musty smell of the underground instead of the lumber smell of his home, the absence of the rhythmic breathing of his roommate, a sound to which he had woken up to so often. Then the brutal reminder of where he was struck him. He wasn't safe at home in the village. He was on a quest.

Steve groaned and sat up. Gathering his strength, he felt his stomach rumble. Breakfast time.

Deciding to save the food he'd brought with him, Steve gathered his things, grabbed his sword, and left the shelter. He blocked up the entryway and turned to look around him. The misty morning air was damp and bitter, and the wind didn't help. He shuddered and started east again.

As he was walking, Steve noted several chickens and a couple sheep. Pulling his sword out of his pocket, he locked target on a nearby chicken. He charged it, slicing it into raw chicken meat. Hmm. He didn't have a furnace, but chicken just was't the same raw. To get a furnace, however, would take a break from his speedy trip east to mine some stone and build one, and that was just not on his agenda. Sighing, he packed the meat away and settled for some bread, nibbling as he went along. When his stomach was full, his life count started to rise until it was at its full ten hearts. Satisfied, Steve continued. 

It was quiet. Too quiet. Something bad had to happen soon, Steve could feel it in his pixels. The first day on his quest had been way too smooth. 

And then it happened. The thing he had been dreading- BOOM! The whole world seemed to explode on itself. Debris flew, smacking into Steve. The world went black. Steve couldn't breathe. Was that it? Slowly, he began to accept the fact that he was dead, the world was destroyed, the quest had failed.

But that apparently wasn't the case, as now the dust was settling, revealing a pack of creepers, all surrounding him, readying their "ssssss..." noises and preparing to explode-

CRASH! Another nearby one disappeared into a cloud of rubble. Steve was breathing hard. Glancing at his hearts, he realized he was alive- but only just. With one heart left, his iron helmet and boots gone, his hunger not quite full enough to heal him...

Whirling around a circle, Steve searched for a way out of his impending doom. There were creepers everywhere, around him, waiting to come close enough to-

BLAM! Another distant creeper came too close to him, but he jumped out of the way. There was gorges surrounding him, marking the end of a creeper, the end of whoever set it off- except Steve was still alive.

Jumping into a hole (and knocking off half of his last heart), Steve grabbed the sword from his hand and, despite being so low on life, effortlessly and expertly decapitated two creepers nearby. They dissolved into pixels, maybe even leaving behind a bit of gunpowder. But Steve didn't have time to check his inventory for any- grabbing opportunity by the horns, he fled swiftly through the gap in the creeper's formation where he had just killed the creepers, and sprinted toward the mountain range in the distance. He didn't stop until he was sure he had lost the creepers, then he found a safe little nook in a nearby grassy hill and sat down. He wolfed down two of his cooked steaks (that was the last of the steaks...) and built a quick dirt wall around himself. Placing his bed in the makeshift house, he fell asleep instantly. So much for that day.

When morning came, Steve gathered his things and set off again. 

I t wasn't too long before Steve had settled into a steady rhythm of his feet hitting the ground and his arms swinging by his sides, clutching the iron sword with all his might. The caves were getting closer, and as the mist disappeared from his view he saw that the mountain range was quite vast, stretching from a few miles from where he stood to farther than he could see. The rocky slopes were numerous, some higher than others. Looming rock piles, the deep chasms that could only lead to a misty abyss, the sharp points that looked like medieval torture devices... each shadowy crevice and deathly gorge seemed to scream "danger!". All that was missing was a couple of vultures circling the sky looking for fresh meat to devour. Shivering, Steve entered the gray, rocky wasteland, fearing for his life.

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