When Steve finds his enchanted diamond sword missing, who could it be but Herobrine? Steve sets off on a journey to vanquish this enemy and get back the sword he was missing. But when Steve meets this new gamer, is Herobrine the one who is actually responsible for the danger he finds himself in? Full of danger, action, fight scenes, romance, betrayal, and excitement, Stalked tells the thrilling tale of Steve's greatest adventure yet.

(For the Gaming Fan Fiction Contest)

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1. Fire

The journey home scared Steve a little. He never imagined he would get caught up in the gardens of his home village and forget to return home before dark, yet here he was, wandering, weaponless, as the darkness closed in. He knew all kinds of monsters were spawning; creepers, zombies, slime, spiders, skeletons... Steve shuddered at the thought. What was the point of going to all that work to craft an enchanted diamond sword (his pride and joy) if he was going to forget it in his chest at home?

The village Steve lived in was a quaint little place. He had found the village, burning, half-destroyed, terrorized by a mysterious villain. Through a bit of research in the gamer's manual; Steve discovered that it was an army of Herobrine's minions. Herobrine had enlisted a major army of Endermen with torches and stolen iron tools to destroy all life sources on the world, to steal, rob, kill and plunder the user's and villager's homes and towns. Many homes and villagers were killed and destroyed, animals were running in fear and the town could've been wiped clean off the face of the world. Steve had come in and rescued a bunch of villagers, filled a few chests with food and beds, and built a big community house around them while he fixed the town. Now it had been a few weeks, and he had not only fixed the town and returned the villagers to their homes, but he had fixed them up better- built a tall stone wall around them, fenced in the gardens, repaved the dirt walkways with smooth cobblestone, herded in some animals, added a couple of torches to ward off certain types of mobs and lighten the nighttimes, improved homes by adding beds, windows, widow-walks, fenced-in yards, chests full of food and tools, and real wooden floors instead of dirt. The building he had kept the villager's safe in before was now the emergency home and town hall, but it was mostly used to store crops and tools for emergencies and shortages. Steve lived with his roommate, a nice young villager named Brian who kept the house neat and tidy and took care of their tame-wolf, Fido. The house had a nice brown carpet of wool (a homecoming gift from the neighbor, a seamstress named Grace), a few chests with locks (just in case Brian wasn't as trustworthy as Steve thought) crafting table, a bookshelf (another gift from a neighbor, a woodworker named Joshua and his wife, the only literate villager, a writer, Kate), a painting of a beautiful sunset (yet another homecoming gift from a painter, Gregory) on the wall, and a furnace. It was cozy, but nice. The windows and assorted torches lit it brightly, and the trapdoor in the ceiling let in a nice breeze but never too cold. Steve loved his home.

As Steve thought of his home, a thought occurred to him- he hadn't eaten anything for a few hours. His stamina was low from harvesting crops all day, and he knew he couldn't hold up in a fight. All he could do was hope nothing nasty showed up right then. With nothing but a hoe, wheat, and a handful of seeds, Steve knew he would perish if so much as a slime showed it's ugly green face. With all the flammable wheat in his inventory, Steve was glad no fire-breathing monsters could spawn outside of the Nethers.

A sudden rasping sound behind Steve made him freeze. That better be a sick villager!, Steve thought. But the frightened screams of villagers wiped that hope clean- they only screamed like that when either a fire from a leak in the lava pit above the well (for incinerating trash so the village would stay clean or to punish naughty villagers... well, not really the second one) or when a particularly nasty mob has managed to evade the walls and enter the village.

Slowly, Steve turned. Behind him, in all it's fresh Nether glory, was a flaming Blaze.

Blaze weren't supposed to leave the Nethers, everyone knew that. But here it was, in the middle of the village, hissing and spitting fire at Steve. Bravely facing the Blaze, Steve threw his bundle of wheat to a nearby villager, who caught it and ran off for safety. At least that was safe, even if Steve himself would probably die.

He turned to the beast. It spit out a flame of fire, catching a nearby villager's cloak on fire. The villager screamed and ran off, trying to pat it out before it spread. Steve switched to his meager half-used iron hoe against the flaming monster. "Get- back-" he said, trying to sound menacing to scare the thing, and even if not, at least try to give the villagers a bit more confidence in him. "Chris, can you go get me a sword from the chests in the town hall?" he said to another.

The villager, Chris, despite looking worried, seemed pleased to be needed by the town hero and ran off to find a sword. Steve didn't feel confident he'd return to a live Steve to give it to, though.

The blaze struck, but Steve wasn't there. His video-game battlefield reflexes had him dodge the monster and take a swipe at it from the side. It clicked loudly, letting him know it had been hit, but it turned and struck again, leaving the grass where it attacked on fire. Steve leapt out of the way, but it did take two of his ten hearts. Great. He wasn't even wearing any armor.

He jabbed at the monster, but it dodged, keeping a rhythm. Steve again took a jab at it's back, but it wasn't there. It was on the roof of a house- one of the old ones that hadn't needed a whole rebuilding after the Battle of the Enders. Even better. An enchanted Blaze, with the Teleporting power of an Enderman. Wonderful. Steve racked his brain. How could he get it to sit still?

An idea struck him suddenly. It was crazy, but heck, what other options did he have? Steve grabbed the seeds from his inventory. "Eva! Gimme something sweet!"

The baker, Eva, looked startled, but produced a cookie from her pockets. "TOSS IT HERE!" Steve held out his hand, and Eva tossed the cookie into it. He placed it very carefully on the ground. Hopefully that would get the Blaze long enough to-

CRACK. A tree, which had been burning a second ago, suddenly toppled on Eva's bakery. "AHH! My house! My bakery! HELP!" Eva and her husband, a logger/farmer named Jack, rushed hurriedly around the burning house, trying desperately to put out the flames.

Steve ran around the back of the house and took out his seeds. The blaze teleported to the cookie and started nibbling at it. Seizing the opportunity, Steve leapt out of his hiding place and tossed the seeds at the Blaze's face. The monster coughed and hacked at this new thing, burning seeds down it's throat, and Steve had the upper hand for just long enough to land three good blows to it's head. Trying to eat the cookie, cough the seeds out, and fend off the hoe that was hitting it in the head, the Blaze started to be overloaded with activity.

"Steve! Catch!" A voice came from behind Steve. Chris held out a wooden sword. Steve caught it as the villager boy tossed it in his direction. Taking the last few blows angrily, the Blaze disintegrated into pixels and disappeared.

But Steve didn't have time to celebrate his victory- the village was still vulnerable, as half of the houses were burning. Steve ran to the well as fast as he could and filled a bucket with water. He handed it to a nearby villager, who took it and ran to a close-by home and dumped it on the flames.

"Steve!" a voice yelled. Steve turned to see a familiar face- good old Brian. He was holding a bunch of buckets, and he distributed them to all the surrounding villagers. They immediately rushed toward Steve, cramming to fill their buckets. When they had all been filled, they rushed off to put out the fires, and the fires were starting to get low. As they filled and poured, filled and poured, filled and poured, the fires were at glowing embers. All the villagers were exhausted, many had collapsed and several were suffering from possibly fatal burns, all of the villagers with several minor burns each. Nobody hadn't suffered, everyone, even those who's houses were intact, was fighting to save their town.

Then the mercy from Mojang rained upon them- quite literally, because this blessing was rain. It was just a light sprinkle, but it was enough to finish off the fires. The grateful villagers all gathered near the well to put away the now charred and battered buckets. Steve vaguely thought to himself, I really should try to replace those soon, before he blacked out completely.

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