She's not afraid.

"You know." I said calmly behind her, "We still have 3 hours before Louis comes home, let's go to the club."
She turned off the sink and then faced me as she leaned on the counter drying her hands on a small towel.
"I would rather make out with you than go to that stupid club." She smirked laying the towel to the side.
"Well," I smirked walking towards her, "We have time for that too."
Before she could say anything my lips had already crashed with hers. My tongue touched her lips in permission to enter and she opened her mouth. I slid my tongue inside her mouth and touched her tongue.
I grabbed her by her waist and lifted her up to the counter, without hesitating she placed her legs around my waist and hands around my neck pulling me even closer to her.
I started kissing her neck, "Zayn.." She moaned as I got a little smile while kissing her neck.
"Mhmm?" I mumbled as she pushed me back.
"Let's go to the club." She smirked and jumped down from the counter.


1. Welcome!

Annabelle's P.O.V

"I just got off the plane, I'll be home in three hours with a big surprise!" Louis spoke through the phone.

"Can't wait!" I replied and hung up.

"Maybe it's a puppy!" My bestfriend Claire guessed as we were sitting on my couch eating chips.

"He hates those." I replied as she sighed.

Louis is my brother, he went to USA for a year to study. I lived alone by that time, but very often I had a sleepover with Claire.

"Maybe he bought some new hair colours,that ombre you have now is getting pretty boring." She giggled putting a chips in her mouth.

"I just got it!" I gently slapped her as she laughed.

"I was just joking." She smirked as I laughed too.

Suddenly she let out a loud gasp, "Maybe it's a new car!" She fangirled jumping up and down on the couch.

"Don't be silly." I rolled my eyes.


Three hours has been and Claire and I were sitting excited on the couch looking at the front door, waiting for Louis to get home with the big surprise.

Suddenly we heard some noises, sounded like keys. We fangirled quietly as the door opened. Inside came Louis with his luggage.

We both ran over to him, "What's the surprise?" I almost shouted as we jumped up and down.

"I've missed you too." He smirked as I hugged him.

"Another fella is moving in with us." Louis spoke as I furrowed my eyebrows.

"What? Who?" I asked as Louis stepped to the side leaving me and Claire face to face with this tall, handsome, blackhaired guy.

His eyes were hazel, he had a little smile on his face which was the cutes thing, his hair was up in a quiff and his eyelashes... They were.. Wow.

"His name is Zayn Malik." Louis snapped me out of my thoughts.

I shook my head and reached out my hand, "Annabelle Tomlinson." I said with a little smile.

He shook my hand and stepped inside with his luggage.

Claire reached out her hand as well, "Claire White." She said as he shooke her hand too.

"Nice to meet you guys." He said with a sexy deep british accent.

His voice gave me goosebumps.

Zayn's P.O.V

Louis stood in front of me, I couldn't see his sister he's been talking about. I could only see her hair. She had an ombre. Black on the top and light brown on the bottom.

When Louis moved to the side, I finally saw her face, and wow she was beautiful. Her lips were pink and her skin were perfect, she's probably good in bed too.


Louis and I walked into the livingroom placing the suitcases down. Annabelle and her friend Claire walked into another room which I guess was her bedroom.

"Man, she's pretty." I told Louis as he cocked an eyebrow at me.

"Stay away from her." Louis commanded packing out his stuff.

"Why?" I asked as I packed out my stuffs as well.

"She's much younger than you." He claimed as I let out a little laugh.

"She still knows how to su..." I stopped talking when I saw Louis giving me a death stare.

"Never mind.." I continued as I stood up.

"Your room is over there." Louis spoke pointing across the livingroom.

I nodded as I brought all my stuff over to my room.

Annabelle's P.O.V

"Oh my god! He's so beautiful!" Claire spoke as I closed the door to my bedroom.

"I know!" I smiled as we sat down on my bed.

"And you're going to live with him!" 

"I know!" I repeated and giggled.

She looked down on her watch, "Oh shit, I should have been home an hour ago!" She spoke.

Claire is living with her grandmother, her parents died in a caraccident five years ago.

I followed her out to the front door as she left. Turning around I found Louis packing out. I walked over to him.

"Need some help?" I asked as he shook his head, "No thanks, I'm fine." He smiled.

"I might need some help!" I heard Zayn shout from the guestroom he's sleeping at.

I was about to walk over to him before Louis grabbed my wrist, "Actually, I need some help, can you fold my clothes and put them in my drawer?" He spoke as I rolled my eyes grabbing his clothes walking into his bedroom.

I folded the clothes and placed them gently in the drawers. Then I walked back out. I sat down on the floor just looking at Louis.

He's changed. His hair is shorter, he's been wroking out I can tell, and his style is much rougher. He's now wearing a tanktop, and an unzipped jacket over. 

As he reached over for something far away a part of his jacket fell down from his shoulder, my eyes widened as they landed on some black ink on his skin.. Was that a.. Tattoo!?

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