She's not afraid.

"You know." I said calmly behind her, "We still have 3 hours before Louis comes home, let's go to the club."
She turned off the sink and then faced me as she leaned on the counter drying her hands on a small towel.
"I would rather make out with you than go to that stupid club." She smirked laying the towel to the side.
"Well," I smirked walking towards her, "We have time for that too."
Before she could say anything my lips had already crashed with hers. My tongue touched her lips in permission to enter and she opened her mouth. I slid my tongue inside her mouth and touched her tongue.
I grabbed her by her waist and lifted her up to the counter, without hesitating she placed her legs around my waist and hands around my neck pulling me even closer to her.
I started kissing her neck, "Zayn.." She moaned as I got a little smile while kissing her neck.
"Mhmm?" I mumbled as she pushed me back.
"Let's go to the club." She smirked and jumped down from the counter.


22. Doctor

Zayn's P.O.V

I woke up in the middle of the night by someone walking into my bedroom, but it was too dark to see who.

"Who's there?" I whispered as the door closed and locked.

I stretched out for the lamp on my nightstand and turned it on.

"Anna?" I furrowed my eyebrows as she sat down on the bedside next to me.

"Helloooo." I could smell the alcohol from her breath.

"Are you drunk?" I asked as she giggled.

"Maybe a little." He smirked moving back and forth.

"Where did you get the drink?" I asked as she layed down on the bed next to where I sat.

"From the bar." 

"You went to the bar alone?!" I asked as she laughed.

"I'm the one-shot-drunk girl." She almost shouted as I placed my hand over her mouth.

"Quiet, How many shots did you drink?" I asked as she made a thinking voice.

"Five, maybe more." She giggled rolling over at her stomach.

"Are you crazy?" 

"Maybe a little."

"Well, get some sleep, alright?" 

"I'm not tired," She pouted rolling over at her back again, "Kiss me." She bit her lips and smiled.

"No, you should really get some sl..." I said before she interrupted me by holding around my neck pulling me down to her face as she kissed me.

I closed my eyes kissing her back, I rolled her over on top of me placing my hands on her waist. I took off her top and threw it down on the floor.

Kissing her neck I slowly pulled down her shorts and thong. I rolled her over again and unattached her bra.

I kissed down lower on her body, while I took off my boxer. I reached out and opened my night stand bringing out a condom. 

I opened the pack and put it on, going back to kissing her lips I went inside her as she moaned. I started to thrust faster as the orgasm grew.

Claire's P.O.V

I woke up in the morning feeling really nauseous. I quickly stood up and ran to the bathroom throwing up in the toilet.

I didn't feel ill or sick or anything, just nauseous. 

"You're alright babe?" I heard Louis' voice behind me.

"Just nauseous." I replied throwing up once more.

"Can you still work today?" He asked as I sat down leaning against the wall.

"Yeah, I can." I smiled as he helped me up.

"Maybe you should see a doctor?" He asked helping me out to the livingroom.

"Sure, after work." I replied sitting down on the couch.

Louis' P.O.V

"I'll wake Anna up, she'll cheer you up." I spoke heading to Anna's bedroom.

I opened her door, "Anna, wake up, Claire's feeling really naus..." I stopped talking when she wasn't in her bed.

I looked around but no one there. I stepped out of her room and headed to Zayn's bedroom. Opening the door I groaned as I found Anna sleeping in his bed.

"Anna." I said through gritted teeths as she sat up covering herself with the sheets.

"Louis!" She said shocked.

"Claire... Is feeling nauseous." I said very irritated.

"I'm coming." She whispered as I closed the door.

I decided not to yell at Zayn this time, if she's happy with him, I am too.


Finishing work I drove Claire to the doctor. She had thrown up all day even at work, I'm getting really concerned.

"Claire White?" The doctor's assistant called as Claire followed her inside to the doctor..


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