She's not afraid.

"You know." I said calmly behind her, "We still have 3 hours before Louis comes home, let's go to the club."
She turned off the sink and then faced me as she leaned on the counter drying her hands on a small towel.
"I would rather make out with you than go to that stupid club." She smirked laying the towel to the side.
"Well," I smirked walking towards her, "We have time for that too."
Before she could say anything my lips had already crashed with hers. My tongue touched her lips in permission to enter and she opened her mouth. I slid my tongue inside her mouth and touched her tongue.
I grabbed her by her waist and lifted her up to the counter, without hesitating she placed her legs around my waist and hands around my neck pulling me even closer to her.
I started kissing her neck, "Zayn.." She moaned as I got a little smile while kissing her neck.
"Mhmm?" I mumbled as she pushed me back.
"Let's go to the club." She smirked and jumped down from the counter.


3. Club.

Annabelle's P.O.V

It nine pm when Louis got home. I've been into my room all the time hiding from Zayn. I ran out to the hall and hugged Louis.

"Why are you so late?" I asked as he kicked off his shoes.

"Met some old friends, had a drink with them." He claimed and we walked into the livingroom.

Zayn came out too, giving Louis a bro fist, "How did the interview go?" Zayn asked Louis.

"Great! They'll call me tomorrow." Louis replied, "but I'm off to bed now, so tired." Louis spoke walking into his bedroom.

Surprisingly leaving me and Zayn alone, I slowly looked up at Zayn who was already looking at me smiling.

"Ready?" He smirked coming towards me as I backed.

"I.. I should get s-some sleep." I stuttered as my back hit the wall.

"No," He smirked as he placed his hands around my waist, "You need some alcohol."

"Now, go change into something sexy." He winked and took a step back as I walked fast into my bedroom.

I took a deep breath before opening my closet. I'm not a party kind of girl, so I don't have anything 'sexy' to wear.

I brought out a loose black short skirt and a light blue transparent blouse. Putting on my clothes and some makeup, I walked back out to Zayn.

He smirked as he looked at me up and down, "Sexy." He chuckled as we walked out to the hall.

"Put on these." Zayn commanded handing me my new black high heels I bought some weeks ago.

I have no idea why I bought them, this is the first time I'm using them. Putting on my shoes Zayn and I walked out as I faced a huge black car with tinted windows.

He walked over to the car and opened the door, "Ladies first." He smirked as I stepped inside the car.

He jogged over to the other side and stepped inside, placing his keys inside the hole and twisted. The motor started and he drove off.


Parkind outside a huge club he pulled out his keys, looking at me intense. I got really uncomfortable so I stepped outside the car, so did Zayn.

The music was so loud even outside the club. Zayn opened the front door for me as I stepped inside.

People were dancing, making out, smoking and getting drunk. I'm not used to this. Never have I been to a club in my whole life.

"I'll buy you a drink to get you started." Zayn shouted in my ear.

Seconds later he was gone, I decided to wait here for him, not wanting any of these people to get near me.

Some minutes later he came back with two tiny cups. He handed me one, I smelled at it and shut my eyes close by the strong smell.

I looked up at Zayn, he was already finished with his drink, He placed his cup down on a table next to him cocking an eyebrow at me waiting for me to finish my drink.

I swallowed before placing the cup up to my lips, and poured the drink inside my mouth.

Getting it all in me with one swallow I squeezed my eyes together making funny faces. Damn that was strong.

My sight got blurry and my eyes burned like hell. I almost fell down before I felt someone grabbing me holding me up.

I bet it was Zayn, "Whoa, just one shot and you're down." He laughed carrying me over to a chair.

I sat down, my vision was still blurry, the loud music made me almost deaf. Feeling something cold touching my hand I tried to grab for it.

It was a glass, "Drink it! It's not that strong!" I heard Zayn shout and I did as he said.

It got the strong taste almost away from my mouth, but my vision was still blurry. 

Zayn's P.O.V

I could tell that she have never been drinking before. one shot and she's already drunk? I'm not feeling anything from my shot.

I brought her some beer to cool her down, She drank the huge glass half empty before handing me it back.

I placed it on the table, looking over at her again I shouted, "I'm going to hook up with some slut, are you going to be okay here alone?" 

She nodded as I made my way away from her. I looked around trying to find the most slutty-looking girl in this club.

Suddenly my eyes landed on a tall woman with a short tight black dress, she stood alone. A smile came on my face as I walked over to her.

"I've been wondering, does your lips taste as good as they look?" I winked with a cheesy pick up line.

"Why don't you taste." She smirked as I grabbed her ass pulling her closer to me. 

I started kissing her lips as I squeezed her ass. She placed her hands around my neck. I opened my eyes looking over to check on Anna. 

But she wasn't there.. Where the hell has she gone?

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