She's not afraid.

"You know." I said calmly behind her, "We still have 3 hours before Louis comes home, let's go to the club."
She turned off the sink and then faced me as she leaned on the counter drying her hands on a small towel.
"I would rather make out with you than go to that stupid club." She smirked laying the towel to the side.
"Well," I smirked walking towards her, "We have time for that too."
Before she could say anything my lips had already crashed with hers. My tongue touched her lips in permission to enter and she opened her mouth. I slid my tongue inside her mouth and touched her tongue.
I grabbed her by her waist and lifted her up to the counter, without hesitating she placed her legs around my waist and hands around my neck pulling me even closer to her.
I started kissing her neck, "Zayn.." She moaned as I got a little smile while kissing her neck.
"Mhmm?" I mumbled as she pushed me back.
"Let's go to the club." She smirked and jumped down from the counter.


11. Assistant.

Annabelle's P.O.V

I woke up about 10 am. Walking out to the kitchen I made me some toast. I placed the toast and milk on the kitchen table and started to eat.

Finishing my breakfast I did the dishes, then I walked over to the livingroom turning on the TV. Zayn is probably still sleeping and Louis is probably at work.

Minutes later Zayn's bedroom opened, out came shirtless Zayn rubbing his eyes. His eyes landed on me as he smiled.

"Goodmorning." I smiled looking back at the TV screen.

"Goodmorning." His sexy morning voice said.

He had alot of tattoos too, but they fitted him. 

"What are you watching?" Zayn sat down next to me with a bowl of cereal in his hands.

"Friends." I replied moving a little away from him.

"So, what are you doing today?" He asked with his mouth full of cereal.

"Staying home, not going to a club that's for sure." I responded as he giggled.

"Relax, I'll stay home too, with you." He smirked as I rolled my eyes.

"Let's watch a scary movie." He then spoke.

"They're so boring, let's watch action movies." I spoke as he laughed, "You only say that 'cause you're too scared to watch scary movies."

"Not true." I looked at him raising my eyebrows.

"Prove it." He smiled as I grabbed the remote.

I logged into my netflix via xbox. I clicked on the first horror movie that appeared called 'Mama'

I went to the kitchen and made some popcorn. Walking back to the couch I sat down next to Zayn leaning into him.

He held around my shoulders as the movie started.


"That was not scary at all." I looked up at Zayn who was still shaking with his eyes wide open.

I started to laugh, "Look who's the little baby." I teased as he rolled his eyes at me.

"I'm not scared." He smirked.

"Sure." I giggled standing up.

Louis' P.O.V

I hate the thought about leaving Zayn alone with Anna.. But I need money. I sat down behind my desk looking around.

My office is huge, my boss stepped inside with a lady. She had long wavy chocolate brown hair, tanned skin, short darkblue skirt and tight blazer on.

"Tomlinson, this is your assistant, she'll be helping you with phonecalls and copyworks. Her name is Aria Davis. Aria, this is Louis Tomlinson."

My boss spoke and left my office. I gave Aria a friendly smile as I started my computer. She walked over to me sitting down on my desk.

"That suit, looks soo hot on you." My eyes widened as I slowly looked up at her.

She got down from my desk and turned on my wheelchair so I was facing her. Leaning over her lips touched my ear as her hot breath whispered, "But I prefere guys like you naked." 

She backed looking into my eyes as she bit her lips. I swallowed, speechless.

"I-I have a g-girlf.." I stuttered before she placed her index finger on my lips.

"I've heard that before, but they will never find out." She whispered as she leaned in and kissed me.

Her hands moved from my chest lower down to my crotch. I pushed her back as I stood up.

"Sorry, but.. Uhm.. I have w-work to d-do." I rubbed my neck as I pointed towards the exit.

"Alright." She licked her lips walking towards the exit, "But tell me if you change your mind." She opened the door and walked out.

Shit.. What the hell just happened?

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