1. How this started

Harry's POV 


"Boys, meet Sam." Simon said. "She's my daughter and she staying with you guys for the year. She's opening for a few of your shows. Have fun. Bye." He said and walked out. Sam smiled at me and I smiled back. She's really pretty. I couldn't speak though. I can usually speak. I got up and walked over to her. I was about to hold my hand out for her to shake it but then I puked on her shoes. She didn't get mad though. "Are you ok?" She asked and felt my forehead. She took her shoes off and threw them in the garbage. "You feel a little warm." She smiled at me. I smiled back with my lips. "We should get him home then." Lou smiled at her. She nodded. They took me home and Sam gets to stay with me. She helped me to my room and then sat next to me on the bed. "Sorry for puking on your shoes." I laughed. She laughed. We laughed. "It's ok. I hated them. Simon bought them for me though so I kinda have to "like" them." She smiled at me. "Oh yeah. Your rooms across the hall. Literally you go straight across the hall." I smiled at her. She kissed my cheek and walked out of the room and into hers. She kissed my cheek. I put my hand on my cheek and the spot where she kissed it was tingling.




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