Life gonna change.. (Bad boy Zayn fanfic)

Dangerous,aggressive,obsessive,bipolar.. Everyone are afraid of that guy who is called Zayn Malik...
Now Zayn is in penitentiary and in there he met new girl Alex..



1. First Day in hell.



I never thought that my life can change like that... I never thought that one day I will live in penitentiary.

My name is Alex and I'm 17 years old. I have brown curly hair,green eyes, pink plump lips. I'm not beautiful,and i never thought that I am... 

Now I'm going trough long corridor. Everyone eyes are fixed on me...  I hate hearing whisper like ''Oh look at new girl'', ''yeah she's ugly'' , ''just look at her''

I went to my new room at this fucking jail and sit in the bed. Then I heard voices in the room near mine.

 -''Zayn,please,let me go.''


-''Shut up''




-''I said shut the fuck up''



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