Revealing The Shadows

A story on a fourteen year old girl Suki a young girl half Japanese-half English. Suki has always been hidden in the shadows. Her parents want to hide her secret and protect her. But what if it isn't enough. What if Suki reveals herself from the shadows.


2. The

I ate my cereal in silence. My mother watched me curiously. Her eyes never left me. She stood like a mother bird, guarding me everyday. Sometimes I just wanted her to leave me alone for a little while. Let me be like everyone else. Not kept me cooped up in the house. I felt so annoyed with my mother. That's not fair. I knew I should not get annoyed with my mother. I knew that she only wanted to protect me. That her love for me ran this deep. But sometimes I wish she gave me a little privacy.

"Be careful Suki. You're going to choke on your food." my mother warned me.

"It's only cereal mother" I answered.

I finished the last of my cereal, then stood up from the dining table. I shoved my backpack on, it's weight weighing me down. I put my shoes on, and began walking towards the door.

"Bye mother!" I exclaimed loudly, my voice echoed around the room.

"Wait Suki! You need your coat." my mother told me, shoving my coat at me.

"It's sunny though mother." I replied.

"You still need your coat. You could get a cold in the weather Suki." my mother warned me.

"But it's so hot outside mother." I groaned.

My mother gave me a cold stare. A stare that told me that this argument was over. I put on the coat, and forced a smile on my face.

"Bye mother!" I exclaimed, in a high girly voice.

"Bye Suki, love you. Take care. Eat your food slowly, and take care when you cross the road. Remember look before you cross." my mother told me.

"Yes mother. I know." I answered.

"Love you Suki" my mother whispered, kissing my forehead.

I opened the door, to be dazzled by the blistering weather outside. The sun shone brightly, it's rays directed at me. I sweated like a pig. I walked out. Still wearing the coat. I felt so warm. It was no help that I still wore the padded coat. I walked down our road. Until I knew for sure my mother was not looking. I shrugged the coat off, and bundled it up in my backpack. I wiped a bead of sweat that trickled down my face, and continued walking down the road. I spotted a black Mercedes on the road. I kept on walking. Then turned around. The black Mercedes had moved a few more steps. Was I being followed? I shook my head. Who would follow me? and Why? I kept on walking. Until the black Mercedes was right beside me on the road. Suddenly the door opened, and a pair of hands grabbed me. I tried to scream, but a hand clamped over my mouth. I felt myself being pulled into the Mercedes. I watched the door close, the last ray of light gone far away. I tried to move, trying to get myself out of here. But a pair of hands held me tightly. I bit hard onto the hand that covered my mouth.

"Owwww!" someone groaned loudly.

"Stop being such a baby" someone else exclaimed.

I tried to see who my kidnappers were. But could not see anyone faces in the dark.

"That brat bit me" a guy exclaimed.

"Help me!" I screamed loudly.

Suddenly I felt something cold near my neck. It was very sharp. Oh god, a knife. I gulped loudly, sweat trickled down my face.

"No one can hear you from here, and if I were you I would keep my mouth shout. We don't want to hear you. But one more word from you. We'll cut your throat, and then hurt your mother, and you don't want that. Do you?" someone asked.

"No" I whispered.

"Good girl. If you're a good girl. I'm sure we won't have to hurt you." someone else told me.

I kept my lips quiet. Keeping my hands to myself. My heart raced rapidly. Oh my god. I had been kidnapped.


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