Revealing The Shadows

A story on a fourteen year old girl Suki a young girl half Japanese-half English. Suki has always been hidden in the shadows. Her parents want to hide her secret and protect her. But what if it isn't enough. What if Suki reveals herself from the shadows.


3. Shadows

I opened my eyes. I was still in the car. I dug my nails onto my kidnapper. I felt so uncomfortable. My hands ached from the chains. I tried to stretch my legs but there was not much space. I wondered how my mother was feeling now. She would be worried sick. She would throw a fit over where I was. She would be so upset. I now know that she only wanted to protect me. She only wanted to keep me safe. She only want to keep me protected. She only loved me. A tear trickles down my face. My mother she's all alone. She didn't have anyone to look after her. She didn't have any friends, and her family had abandoned her for marrying a Japanese man. For having me. Our whole life it's only been her and me. Together forever. Mother would be so worried. Now I feel so bad for myself. I shouldn't have argued with her about wearing a coat. She only wanted to keep me safe.

Suddenly the Mercedes stopped. The door opened to reveal a warehouse. I got shoved out onto the floor.

"Get up! We haven't got all day." someone told me.

I stood up, my legs ached with pain. Someone grabbed my arms and pulled me into the warehouse. Now that I was inside. I could see that it was like a real house inside. There was a television. A sofa everything. I looked around the house. But my eyes froze on the sofa. A man sat on the sofa's arm, crying. He had black hair, and looked to be in his thirties. I couldn't see his face, because it was hidden by his hands that covered his face. He was sobbing. My eyes froze on a little girl lying on the sofa. She looked ill. I walked towards her. My kidnappers remained behind me. There job done. To send me here. What was wrong with the girl? that question ran around my head.

The girl must have been very beautiful. Now she looked like she was close to death. She had chestnut brown wavy hair that hung around her face in ringlets. Her eyes were closed.

"My baby, my baby!" the girl father cried loudly.

"Daddy, am I going to die?" the girl questioned her dad, opening her eyes.

The girl eyes were a dark blue, but it had swirls of purple in them. The girl noticed me watching her. She forced a smile on her face.

"Of course you're not sweetie." her father lied, removing the hand that covered his face.

He patted his daughter chestnut brown hair. Tears brimmed in his eyes that were a mossy green.

"Daddy, don't lie to me. I know I'm going to die." the girl mumbled.

"You won't die Ava. You won't. I would die then let you die. I will save you princess. I promise." the girl father told his daughter Ava.

The daughter known as Ava nodded her head. But she didn't look like she was convinced. The girl father turned his face to me, and then looked me up and down.

"Who is she?" the girl father questioned.

"Sir. She is the one you asked for. The shadow weaver." one of my kidnappers told the girl father.

So the girl father was the boss. Then this means the girl father kidnapped me. But why? and what did they mean? shadow weaver. What's that?

"But this is just a girl!" the girl father exclaimed.

"I know sir. But she is the one. The shadow power of her exceeded everything we possibly imagined." one of the kidnappers answered.

The girl father nodded his head. His eyes were wide open, he stared at me in fear. The girl father walked towards me. Was he going to hurt me? I trembled nervously. The girl father collapsed to my feet.

"Please oh mighty one. Please I beg you. Save my daughter." the girl's father begged.

"What is going on? First you kidnap me. Then you call me shadow weaver, and then beg for me to save your daughter. What can I do? I'm just an ordinary girl." I pleaded.

"You kidnapped her!" the girl's father shouted at my kidnappers.

"We figured she wouldn't come by herself. So we kidnapped her. Anything wrong." one of the kidnappers answered.

"You stupid fools. I am so sorry. I'm James. Wait what's your name?" the girl's father asked.

"Suki." I replied.

"Suki. What a beautiful name. You don't know about your powers." James asked.

"No. What powers?" I asked.

"You don't know you're the shadow weavers. You're one of a kind, and can weave through shadow and time." James told me.

Now I remembered my mother's words " I just want to keep you in the shadows". No! this could not be true. I could not be a shadow weaver. No!

"No! you're lying!" I exclaimed in protest.

"You are. Please believe me. Please save my daughter." James begged.

I walked towards the girl. Feeling scared. What was I supposed to do? I held the girl hand. Suddenly I could feel darkness. I could feel. Shadows. I closed my eyes, and re opened them. There clasped in my hands was an amulet. I held it tightly. I closed my eyes, my other hand held the girl's hand. I felt myself absorbing the shadows. Tendrils of darkness whipped my face. Suddenly I felt to the floor. The girl stood up. Her eyes just a deep shade of dark blue. She looked at me. Then ran to her father.

"Daddy! I'm cured." the girl cried to her daddy.

"My baby Ava!" the girl's father James cried.

The girl father looked at me. Tears brimmed in his eyes. He clasped my hand.

"Thank you so much. What do you want? money anything. Ask me." the girl father questioned.

"Nothing" I replied.

I did not even know what I was doing. All I knew was that if I held the girl hand, I could absorb the darkness. Now I knew what my mother was doing. She wasn't trying to protect me. She was trying to protect me from the shadows. I clasped the amulet in my hand and clasped it around my neck. The shadows. My destiny. I walked past the kidnappers who just stood there. Two muscle guys. They watched me. I walked outside the warehouse. My eyes looked around, then froze. There was the woman who I had seen in the park. She smiled at me, then disappeared into the shadows. I went off. Feeling excited about my powers. I could save everyone from the darkness.

Revealing The Shadows


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