Revealing The Shadows

A story on a fourteen year old girl Suki a young girl half Japanese-half English. Suki has always been hidden in the shadows. Her parents want to hide her secret and protect her. But what if it isn't enough. What if Suki reveals herself from the shadows.


1. Revealing

Upon scrubbing the floor tidy, making it clean and spotless. I stared at my reflection on the floor. Then looked at my tidy room. My clothes clean and ironed in tidy piles. My pillows plumped onto my bed. I tip toed quietly to the window, and opened the curtains. The velvet purple curtains revealed the beautiful sky outside. The sun shone brightly, making my room full of life. I pressed my head onto the window and looked outside at the park. We lived in a small apartment, right next to the park. From here I could see life going on without me.

Young parents bustling towards the playground with young children, young lovers hand in hand strolling through the park. Young children playing and having fun. There life having just begun. There faces show no sadness, just full of life. Teenagers my age walking around the park looking bored. People walking there dogs, old couples walking around the park absorbing the beautiful sunny weather. My brown eyes twinkled with envy. I so wanted to be there, and have a day of fun. But I knew I couldn't. My parents wouldn't allow that. They said that I was special. That I was very unique and had to be protected. I didn't understand that. They never allowed me to have fun, and go places. The only place they allowed me to go was school, and that was because it was necessary. But they made sure I arrived early. I knew my parents only wanted to protect me, but from what. I didn't understand, and probably never would. I tucked a strand of my black hair, and breathed deeply on the window, and then wiped the white fog on the window.

A young woman caught my eye. The woman had lovely ebony black hair tied in a bun with dark purple streaks. She wore a simple blue dress with a black jacket on top. A black handbag in her hand. She would have fitted naturally into the busy people of the park. But didn't. There was something strange about the woman. I inspected her carefully. Suddenly the woman turned around, like she had noticed me looking. Her eyes a dark purple noticed me, she smiled warmly. I watched busy office workers walking sternly to there jobs, there faces olden by stress. I looked back at the park. The woman with ebony black hair walked towards a young man with black hair. The young man wore a pair of jeans, and a dark blue shirt. The black haired woman whispered something in his ear. The man nodded, and smiled. Then looked at the woman. She fingered something which looked like a necklace and then mouthed something. The man face creased with worry. He had an angular jaw line. He gestured to his heart, and then spoke something. I tried to listen, but couldn't hear anything from here. The young man nodded, and walked calmly away. I wanted to look at the young man. But the young woman looked more interesting.

She was very beautiful, and tall. A kind of woman you would have found in magazines as models. The woman eyes suddenly met eyes on mine. She stared at me, then walked away. I saw her walking towards a group of parents with children. I watched to see where the woman went, then froze. The woman did not enter from the group. The group of parents walked to the playgrounds. My eyes stared to see if the beautiful black haired woman could be seen. Then sighed. She was nowhere to be seen. I sigh sadly. Then close the curtain, watching all the light in my room disappear. Suddenly I felt like someone was staring at me. A hand tapped me lightly on my shoulder. I turn around, my hair whipping me in my face. My eyes stared at my mother.

My mother. The only parent I had. My father had died a year ago, in a mysterious car accident. From then, it's just been my mother and me. My mother is in her mid thirties. But my father's death has impacted on her, a lot. She looks like she's in her late forties. Her used to be chestnut brown hair, tinted with grey. Her eyes that used to be black full of life, now emitted a dirty grey. Stress lines on her face. She stares at the curtains I had just opened, and inspected it carefully.

"Suki!" my mother shouted.

"Yes,mother." I answered.

"What have you been doing?" mother asked, piercing me with her eyes.

"I was just looking at the park, mother" I whispered.

"Why?" mother questioned.

"I just wanted to see all the other boys and girls have fun. Watch everyone have fun without me. Watch time go ahead without me mother." I answered.

"My poor baby. My little Suki. You know mother only wants to protect you." mother tells me, embraced me, tears trickled down her face and landed in my hair.

"Yes mother." I replied.

"You know a mother just wants to keep her baby safe. I just want to keep you hidden in the shadows." my mother told me, her fingers stroked my hair.

"Sometimes mother. You just have to reveal me from the shadows" I mumbled quietly.

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