The big concert

My name is Stephanie and today is my step sister's birthday. I have decided to accompany my sister with our dad (my step dad) to the 1D concert. What she doesn't know is that we got two tickets to go back stage to see them. When we go backstage a dream came true to my sister and my singing career has just begun.


2. Wednesday

   We all wake up super early. My makes us breakfast. I wake up Hazel and tell her to get dress to go to the pool. When suddenly I realize the pool is closed because its broken. So I decided to go to Bayside and we go walking around the beach. We then went to the boat of our dad and we drove around the stars house. When suddenly our boat stopped moving and something weird happened to it. We were stranded. When I started to freak out so I put music really loud so they knew we were stranded. When suddenly I said I'm hallucinating, Hazel looks at the direction I am looking at. She starts screaming, and the house I was looking at the celebrity that was over there saw us and I was frozen. He came with his boat. When he stopped his car and got them to enter his boat. I was just standing there out of shock. It was Harry Styles, I was stabled I couldn't feel my legs. So he came toward me after my dad went in the boat with my dog and Hazel was like she's not reacting. He gets worried so he picks me up and takes me to his boat. Hazel gets on his boat and sits next to our dad. He takes me on the room of the boat. From there I saw Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam. Harry orders Zayn to drive the boat, Louis to cook some food, and Liam to accompany my sister when my dog came down stairs where I was. Harry holds me and he stairs at me and starts rubbing his hands on my face, and plays with my hair. He gives me water after I'm out of the surprise. I sit down and he asks me "What's your name mate." I reply "S-s-s-Stephanie." He kept staring at my eyes and he says "Your eyes are beautiful, there like little Asian eyes." I begin to giggle and I thank him. My dog comes and sits on my lap. Then Harry's cat lands next to me. I pet both, my dog and his cat start playing. "Wow the first time I find my cat getting along with some girls dog." Harry replies staring at our pets while he's sitting on the floor laying on my lap. When suddenly we arrive at there house. Zayn comes downstairs and he says "We just arrived and who's she?" I begin to swallow the water faster. Harry replies "Her names Stephanie." Zayn comes toward me and greets me. Hazel comes and says "lets go Stephanie," Harry replies to my sister "She'll be coming in a few guys and what's your name," I tell him its my sister that her names Hazel. So we get out of the boat and Zayn grabs my doggy and takes him upstairs. Harry gets out of the boat and he makes me wait for him to get out first so then he can carry me out of the boat. So they ask us how did we get trapped in the boat, and we didn't know so we told them that it just stopped out of pure randomness, and I tell them I was about to go buy clothes for the concert i was going to go to which is yours, but now we can't you most likely found out that we where going to do that. They all laugh and they said that they never thought we were there fans, that we seem normal, we seemed like if we didn't know that we knew them, except Stephanie noticed like she did since she got all frozen there. Harry laughs along, and stairs at me. I get all pink on my cheeks because they found out that I liked Harry and he kind of knew it because he seemed like if he liked me.

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