The big concert

My name is Stephanie and today is my step sister's birthday. I have decided to accompany my sister with our dad (my step dad) to the 1D concert. What she doesn't know is that we got two tickets to go back stage to see them. When we go backstage a dream came true to my sister and my singing career has just begun.


3. Waking up next to you

   Yawning and opening my eyes and finding someone with curly hair next to me. Then I wake up and sit scared. He wakes up and when I see his face. It wasn't a dream. "What happened you okay blondie?" and then he laughs. "Harry? W-w-w-w-h-what am i doing in your bed?" I reply nervously. He moves me closer holding my wastes and hugs me, then he plays with my hair and my cheeks. He then replies "I put you in my bed when you fell asleep in the sofa i gave your sister and your dad a room, Peter is in the room with his new friend (Harry's cat). Niall, is eating right now, Liam is making food, Louis is waking up you dad and little sister, and Zayn is in the bathroom. Everyone is fine and your fine." I began wondering. I asked him once again "Why didn't me and my family go to my house, how come we stayed here in your house?" He begins to giggle, smiles at me, then he holds my hand, and says "You stayed because it began to rain right after we where in the room singing. I was playing the piano in my studio and heard you sing for the first time. I told Zayn to record you sing while you where, then he played and you liked it, so I stood you up and we began to dance slowly and you where laughing. You don't remember anything? Not even how i laid you down to my bed and you asked me to stay. So I did and I was going to leave right after you would fall asleep but i fell asleep with you." I stayed in shock how he stayed so honest telling me all of this and i didn't remember most of the things.

    Ding Dong! "Zayn your girlfriend is at the door." Niall yelled. Harry dragged me to the closet, then he replied by pointing at a door in the closet "Its funny how i made Zayn's girlfriend to go shopping and find clothes for you so you can change today. She's so sweet but honestly i gave her the money she bought more than what she needed to." I smile and thank him by hugging him. When i open one drawer it had bras and panties that where a bit inappropriate for my type. I look at him like what is this and he laughs. He then tells me "She didnt know what was your type of panties so she got all type's and she said that you might be a medium so she got the size for your bras she thought your where a B34 and I told her most likely she's a D34," He got nervous right after he said all of that he felt a bit awkward. I laughed and told him "how do you know my sizes?" He looked around and said "I tend to know." And i mysteriously looked at him. So then i got a beach dress and i found make up so i took it as well and the shoes and the rest of my clothes. He then looked at me to see if i was done and smiled. He grabs my hands and said "You can use the tube cause I'm showering." So I told him alright but get in the shower fast so I i can run inside the tube. He nodded and told me to wait outside the door. He then yells "You can go in already!" So I go in with a towel wrapped around me. When then I see that he prepared the hot tube. So I start laughing and I see that he's in the shower. It was foggy that you couldn't see anything, also because the shower was covered with metal so you only see his chest and his face the rest was covered. I ran in the tube and dropped my towel in the floor. He kept showering, and I finished right after he got his towel and stopped the running water. when I see him getting out of the shower and he has his towel covering him. When I realize my towel is on the floor and I took the water out of the hot tube. So i Said freaking out "Umm Harry?" He turns looking at the floor while he's doing his hair and says "Yeah?" I tell him "My towel is on the floor..." He stops the blower, and says "Is there foam on the hot tube or you took the water and everything out of the tube?" I freak and say "Was i suppose to leave that in the hot tube?" He laughs and says "No silly. I was just asking so I can through the towel to you because I'm not going to you to give you the towel." I laugh and say "Oh okay go ahead through it," He through it to me and looks down and keeps doing his hair so he wouldn't be tempted to look. Then he peeks, and i yell "No stop staring!" He laughs and says "Your already dress so why does that matter." I laugh and I start to do my make up next to him, he stares at me i stop doing my make up and i look at him and he says all serious "Your so beautiful," I laugh and push him, i call him stupid and I continue doing my make up." Then he get dressed next to me. I freaked out when he was taking his towel but then he says "Don't freak out I'm not that crazy i have my pants on." So he stays shirtless next to me. I finish doing my make up, but i find him brushing my hair. I cover my mouth and I laugh. I smile at him. He then says while he keeps brushing my hair "I couldn't help it I wanted to brush your hair so i waited 'till you were done doing your make up. You hair is soft, and has a pretty unique color." I laugh. He then puts down the brush and he looks at me and puts his thumbs up as in he's done. When i see my hair he did it well. I grab my perfume of Beyonce, he takes it away from me and gives me a perfume that was called Cherry Blossom. I put it on and it smelled sweet. He then puts a cologne that smelled like you where fresh out of the bathroom. Like a real men. I smell him and close my eyes and i tell him that he smells like a man, and he laughs. We go downstairs and we see Zayn and his girlfriend. She comes to me and Zayn comes as well. Zayn says "This is my girlfriend, Perrie Edwards," She says hi to me and shakes my hand. Harry then holds me from my waist. Then tells Perrie "Perrie this is Stephanie," She looks at Zayn smiling and the both smile at Harry. I get a bit confused why they all smile at her. Then Hazel comes and says "Guys the foods done," Zayn and Harry reply to my sister "We'll be there in a minute," Hazel then tells me by text "I want you to get with Harry so we can be with him at the concerts." I text her back and reply "I bought the tickets and the V.I.P. passes to go backstage with them, but really it doesn't matter because we are with them right now and I do like Harry so its not like i can fake something i actually do feel for him." She replies and says "Okay and you better start singing with him if not I'm going to tell him that you sing, don't just sing for fun with him, sing for real, and bye because your with him. :)" I read it and then I just turn off my phone.

   Perrie then drags me outside and Zayn gets Harry. I get a bit confused and so we end up going to the studio room. She sits me in the sofa and tells me "So its funny how Harry is actually smiling for something that he's really feeling." I look at her confused and I ask her "What do you mean he's feeling?" She then laughs and points at me. I laugh sarcastically and tell her "No Harry couldn't" She says "Yes, look I heard from your sister Hazel, telling me that you can sing?" I laugh and I nod yes. She drags me inside the recording room and tells me from me being on the inside she says "Do you know Promise by Ciara?" I reply "yeah," She puts the song and leaves me there singing it. I felt like i was singing to the him (Harry). Perrie gets so surprised to how i sing that she calls Zayn and tells him to run before i finish the song, and to bring Harry and everyone. When I'm almost done singing the song I open my eyes and I see Harry staring at me and everyone else in the back is staring at me. I freak out because I don't know if he heard me say his name in the song, because i added some parts to the song by adding his name in the song and adding slow runs to the song. He laughs and looks down with his hands on the recording tools. I stay in the studio. I sit, and i just see him press a button on the recording tools that cut off the microphone from where he was and he went inside the room I was in. He enters scratching his head and locking the door. He gets closer to me, I take off the headsets. He gets closer and takes a deep breath, he holds my hand and says "I know you have the tickets to our concert so I'm going to ask you if you want to leave the tickets behind and come with me as the surprise singer in the concert and as my girlfriend?" I stay frozen and I don't move and I look at the screen and see Hazel pressing a button and she said "Say 'yes'. By the way Harry that was not smart that you turned of our microphone, but not our speakers where we can hear you." I laugh and he does to. He looks at me and says "So do you?" I look at his eyes I stand up from the high chair hold myself from him, he holds me from my waist, and I reply "Does this answer your question?" I approach him look into his eyes, and I kiss him he picks me up and I wrap my feet around his waist and he hugs me. They all cheered, but then I heard my sister telling her "That's to far poor Harry," Zayn laughs and replies "Harry stop your going too far you guys are getting to excited."  Zayn keeps laughing. Then we stopped kissing. We left the studio. We told my little sister, my dad and my brother. "You guys could go home Hazel could stay though because she's going to the concert with me." Hazel was so happy. When my brother and dad left. We told Niall, Liam, and Louis that they had to stay with my sister. Hazel asked me why and I told her we are going to go where kids can't go and plus I don't want the paparazzi coming looking for you. So stay here. She got sad, but I told her at least your spending time with them.

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