The big concert

My name is Stephanie and today is my step sister's birthday. I have decided to accompany my sister with our dad (my step dad) to the 1D concert. What she doesn't know is that we got two tickets to go back stage to see them. When we go backstage a dream came true to my sister and my singing career has just begun.


4. Thursday night

    We leave the house and right after we leave Perrie and Zayn hold hands and walk to the car, while they put sunglasses and the hoodie. Harry then holds my hand and takes me to the car. The paparazzi's were everywhere. We where dancing in the car with the music I love. Then we get on the boat. When we arrive at Bayside we get stared by little girls and tennagers. They start following us yelling "Harry Harry!! Zayn Zayn!!" They both stop and turn around. The fans scream and they say "Perrie, I love you Perrie," They take picture with Harry and Zayn. Then the fans ask Harry "Who's the girl that your holding hands with?" He laughs and stares at me. I smile, and he kisses me. The fans were in shock and he tells them "My girlfriend guys, but don't tell anyone not yet I will announce it on tomorrow alright guys?" He laughs and walks away holding my waist and guides me. Zayn laughs they high five there hands and Zayn says "Harry you did that so smooth ha ha ha." Perrie adds to what Zayn said and says "And how Stephanie acted it all like if she was in a movie, it was all so classic you guys got each other though she was a bit lost ha ha ha." They all laugh and Harry looks at me and says "Yeah she knew she was going to get that in public sooner or later." I start laughing and I tell Harry "No, that's a lie ha ha ha."

  We ended up dancing to the people singing. We went to the bar and drank a couple of Coca-cola drinks. The people who saw us at the bar laughed because the said give us the usual they expected alcohol drinks and they gave us the soda. The guys start laughing and Harry tells them "Yeah because you know we roll the coca-cola life. We go crazy with that ha ha ha." The guys laugh and we leave from the bar. We went to where the see was. Zayn and Perrie came with us, We took pictures and we pointed the sky of how beautiful the unset went. It began to get late and it was just 8:45 pm so we decided to leave at that moment before it gets darker or crazier than how it was getting. When arrive where the pool was we see a bunch of little girls around the entrance of where the boats are. The girls say "Harry has a girlfriend?" Then he laughs, but then does i sign to Zayn which meant call one of the security guards that's on the boat. They take the girls out of the way to enter the boat area. We go in the boat running. I almost fell for the slippery floor so Harry picks me up like a baby and takes me in the boat. When we get out of the boat we had to run to the car also. The paparazzi's began to ask if i was Harry's girlfriend. That they found a picture a girl posted on Instagram. Harry opens the door for me to get in and then he tells them while he's holding the door "Yes she's my girl its not a rumor you can write that in your blog." He smiles at them Zayn tells Harry to get in the car. Perrie was sitting next to me, she was doing a braid to me. Both of them got on the car and we drove of to the house. When Zayn gets a call from Niall. He answers the phone and he says. "Yes, Niall?" Niall laughs a bit suspiciously and tells Zayn to tell me that he invited Demi Lovatto over so Hazel could be with a girl and not be so bored with us and that if it was okay with me. I told Zayn to tell him that its fine. He said okay and asked when we where getting home and Zayn answered "Open the door we are here already we just got here." Niall said "Oh okay," the door opens and it was Demi with my sister and she says hi to Perrie, Zayn, and Harry. She looks at me and says "Hi I'm Demi," I laugh and told her that i knew that. Harry interupts while we entered the house and Demi closing the door he said "That's Stephanie my girlfriend, well you might know cause one of the little fans over at Bayside posted it on instagram unfortunatly because the fans and everyone else asked us." She laughed and rolled her eyes, then she tells him "But you answer so sweetly to them so its funny, and so she's the girl that everyone keeps posting over to one picture they recently saw on instagram, everyone seems to be copying the same picture because its going all over instagram and twitter." I look at her and i was surprised.

  We finished talking and everyone went to sleep Demi stayed over and so did Perrie so when everyone went to sleep. They stayed with me and Hazel we went to the kitchen and did our girl things. We did our nails, our facials, we did our hairs, and then we went to the hot tube and they made me sing. So i sang lets talk about sex baby but Pretty Ricky version. Then my sister sang the cup song we even got her a cup. Demi, Perrie, and I began to sang the song.

  Demi and Perrie ended up staying over so we fell asleep in the living room.

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