The big concert

My name is Stephanie and today is my step sister's birthday. I have decided to accompany my sister with our dad (my step dad) to the 1D concert. What she doesn't know is that we got two tickets to go back stage to see them. When we go backstage a dream came true to my sister and my singing career has just begun.


5. The big Day

  The guys came and woke us up. They woke up especially my sister with a cake and singing Happy Birthday. I was surprised how they knew that it was her birthday. Hazel told me they knew it since i first met them, but you never knew cause told them when you where frozen. We ended up all of us getting ready and Demi did my hair and Perrie did my make up and the fashion was with Hazel because she knows more about Harry's style then I do. then we all went to the concert with them Harry saw me and he was surprised of how i looked. He tried being funny by saying "Your not going to dress like this all the time right? because you look beautiful just the way you are. You still are stunning right now though," and i laugh. We get to the concert they sing, and when there about to end the concert Harry makes everyone stop singing and playing he invites me upstage and Zayn gets a chair, Niall gets a flower, Liam gets a crown, Louis gets a card, Demi, Perrie, and Hazel get me a microphone, hat, and they get themselves microphones too. We ended the show singing a Keri Hilson song named Make Love. The crowd went wild and in the end we ended up being so happy.



                  The End!

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