The big concert

My name is Stephanie and today is my step sister's birthday. I have decided to accompany my sister with our dad (my step dad) to the 1D concert. What she doesn't know is that we got two tickets to go back stage to see them. When we go backstage a dream came true to my sister and my singing career has just begun.


1. Monday morning and Tuesday surprises.

      So my sisters birthday is soon to come its on Friday. On that exact day is the day where One direction is about to come over here in America airlines and I only have the three tickets for me (Stephanie), my sister (Hazel) and our dad (my step-dad). The only reason why I have the tickets its cause one my friends gave it to me right after I bought two. I still seem to not find two backstage passes for me and my sister. Suddenly I get a call from my dad and my mom I go downstairs confused why they called me. "Where's Hazel?" I ask them because I only find our dog named Peter. "She's with Carlos their playing outside," my mom replied. (Carlos is our brother). "Why did you call me for?" I ask them confused. My mom pulls the cabinet and takes out a box and gives it to me. I open it and its the two backstage passes I've been searching for to buy. "How did you get this?" I ask them both I was surprised. "When she was going to Publix to get her pay check, a customer came to her that she's known for awhile now. Asked her about you that she overheard from her daughter that you asked her if she had anyone that has extra backstage passes. I saw her buying two more backstage passes online and she gave it to me so you can have it. Give it to her." Dad replied. "Maria bought the backstage passes and gave them to Dorthy (Maria's mom). Wow I will text her now and thank her." i replied to my mom and dad as I was texting Maria.

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