They Don't Know About Us

"Your to young!" "You don't know what your doing!" "You don't know anything about love!"
They don't know about us.


4. Meeting the Boys

Dakota's POV

"And this is my flat." Liam said opening the door to the hugs flat. "Boys! The food is here!" Liam shouted across the flat. All four boys came in. "This is Dakota and Jadyn." Liam said gesturing to us. We talked to all the boys. They all finished their food. "Lets watch a film!" Liam said. "I don't want too." Niall said. "Me neither." Jadyn said. 


Jadyn's POV

"Let's go to my flat!" Niall said since we both did not want to watch a film. "Yeah!" I said. I gave a small thumbs up to Dakota and walked out. 

*Skip car ride*

He opened the door to his flat. "Niall! It's lovely!" I said. It really was. "Thanks.." He said.  "I want to get to know you better!" He said. "Ok, let's play 21 Questions!" I said. We started. 

Niall: Any siblings

Yes 2 older sisters and a little brother.


Me: How old are you



Niall: How old are YOU



Me:  What are your turn offs?

Girls that are full of them selfs 


Niall: Favorite color

Lime green


Me: Do you have any siblings

Yea, one older brother


Niall: Are you glad you met me?



Me: Do you play any sports?

Yeah, football.


Niall: Do you have a job?

Yes, I work at Starbucks


Me: When was your most serious relationship?

Right before I went on the X-Factor


Niall: Can you get me a discount at Starbucks?

I laughed.. Yes I can 


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