We Are

We Are______


1. We Are Neighbors



      "Rachel, can you bring this over to our new neighbors house? I have a cold." My mom asked me appearing in the doorway. "Sure!" I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed the cookies. "Thanks love." She smiled slightly. I smiled and left. I arrived at my neighbors house and knocked on the door. I looked down as the door opened, expecting the worst. "Ello love," I looked up to see a boy around my age. He was fit, and pretty hot, too. "Uh, hi. My mom uh made these as a um housewarming gift." I said handing him the cookies. "Thanks." He said flashing me a smile. "No problem." I smiled back. "Alright, I should be going now. Bye." I told him. "Bye." I walked home, smiling the whole way.

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