New Life

Hannah is just a normall 18 year old girl has a good family and good freinds. She loves to listen to music to help her think and she loves to write. After Hannah graduates from highschool and goes to New York to fufill her dream as a writer will this trip to New York be the best thing that has ever happened to her?


10. Suprises


    Sorry for not updating I was on vacation and I went to update last night but when I clicked the button that saves it and publishes it then my computer decided to die so I have to rewrite this chaper all over again. Since its been awhile I will write a long chapter.

Niall's POV

    I woke up today around 10 today and I just sat in bed for like 30 minutes. I finally got out of bed grabed some clothes and went into the bathroom. I turned the water on and I started to strip my clothes off. I stepped into the warm water and let it take over my body. I grabbed the shampoo and condishoner and washed my hair. Then I washed my body, I got out and took the towel off the rack and started to dry off. I got changed then went into my room I put on a pair of red nike hightops. "I;m goinng out for awhile I want to try that Starbucks everybody brags about. Be back in a hour or so" I say to Harry hes the only one awake. "Can I come with I want to try it too" he asks. "Sure, you got five minutes to get ready" I say and he runs to his room. New York is awesome so far we are going to be here the longest because of the bigest show we will ever do. I think simon said we will be here for like 2 weeks. New York isn't quite as big as London but I like it. Being able to go around the world with my 4 best mates is anazing.

     "Are you ready yet?!" I yell across the hallway. "Yep" with that we leave and call a cab, we put on our shads and hopfully we dont get mobbed again. I tell the cab driver to take us to the nerest Starbucks.*skip to starbucks*. I thank the driver and pay him, we go inside the small cafe "What are you getting?" Harry asks "I have no clue" "Can I help you?" a lady behng th counter says. "Um yes we have never been here before and we would like you opinion on what to get" I say with a smile "Sure! Well personaly I love the vanilia bean frap and the mocha latte" She says very nicely "I'll get the frap and what do you want Harry?" I ask "I'll have the mocha one please" "Sure thing it'll be ready in a minute" and she walks away "Here are your drinks" "Thank you" and i pay her. When I turn to get out of line I bump into somebody and makes her spil her drink on her, before I can say sorry she yells "WHAT THE HELL DUDE!" "I'm so sorry m'am" I try to give her a napkin but she swats my hand away and stomps ot of the cafe. I go after her withe Harry behind me and some girl. "What the fuck do you want!" she yells. I put my hands in the air and back away. "Hannah can I talk for you for a second?" the other girl says strictly. Hannah thats a nice name a very pretty name aswell. Harry comes up to me "Wooh shes a fistey one, she's hot too" I elbow him in the stoumach "What was that for does wittle Nialler have a witlte crush?" he says in a childesh voice I give his hard cold stare. Hannah starts to walk to me "I's sorry" she says in a whisper and to my guess she was force by that one girl "Sorry what was that?" "You know damn well what I said" she snaps at me "Wooh soory I'm aslo sorry for spilling you dink all over you, I'm Niall" "I know my friend already informed me about you, I'm Hannah" she says I know shes trying not to burst. She puts her hand out and I gladly take it. When I shook her han she quickly pulled it out of mine did she feel that too I feel some sort of spark that was weird. "Well umm I gotta gp and get these clothes off" shes says awkwardly "Ok but first can I get your number?" I ask "What? no I dont know you" she says and she starts to walk away. Her friend hands me a piece of paper an it has a number on it "Whats this?" I ask "It's hannahs number she is stubborn so she is always lke this sorry" She says and waves bye to me. "Whats that?" Harry asks "I got her number off her friend" "Awe sombodys happy" and he pokes my cheeek "Aye stop it" "Fine anyways I got her friends number" "Sombodys happy with that" I say and poke his cheek like he did mine. "Lets go" i say and we call a cab and we leave.* skip to the hotel* I take my shoes off and flop in bed with a smile on my face. I grab my phone and dial her number, on the 3rd ring it answers "Hello"

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