New Life

Hannah is just a normall 18 year old girl has a good family and good freinds. She loves to listen to music to help her think and she loves to write. After Hannah graduates from highschool and goes to New York to fufill her dream as a writer will this trip to New York be the best thing that has ever happened to her?


9. Starbucks

        Our dads left this morning we said good-bye, hugged, and kissed them and they were off. When they left I grabbed my IPhone and my speaker and put it on shuffle. 'Drive By' by Train came on and we started to sing while unpcking our stuff. We got our rroms unpacked then I unpacked the kitchen stuuff and Gibby got to unpack the livingroom. We started unpacking stuff at 10:00 A.M and now we are done by 6:30. I offered to cook dinner, jk I'm not cooking after a long day I juast called in for pizza. Gibby was in her room getting changed or something so when the pizza guy came she didnt see him. I put 2 slices of peperoni pizza on 2 plates and got 2 cokes. "Dinners ready!" I yell from the living room. She came down seconds later and took the plate and opened her coke. "So what movie you wanna watch? We got Bridesmaids, Hunger Games, 007, and Mama." I say "I want to watch Mama I havent watched it yet." I put the movie in and sit down on the couch and started to eat amd watch.

       After the movie was done we had tears in our eyes. I wouldnt call it very scary, buut dont get me wrong there were scary parts but we cried because at the end the little girl dies that got us. I got uip and turned off the tv and put my plate in the sink. After i cleaned my plate I took a shower got in my PJ's and went to sleep early.

       I woke up to somebody shaking me and telling me to get up. Gibby was staring at me eyeing me up with the glare i-want-to-do-something look. "What do you want?" "I want to go look around the city I mean we are in New York City, soo get up and be ready in 10 minutes" she got up and left. I got up and looked in my drawers I got underware, skinny jeans my only pair, and a Superman shirt. I went in the bathroom took a shower, got changed, brushed my teeth and hair. I put my hair in a poney tail I grab a pair of my Osiris shoes and put it on I grab my phone and walet and put them in my pockets. I go downstaires and see Gibby on her  phone "You want to go aroun town or not?" She got up out the door, I closed the door and locked it. We dicided to walk around today. "Can we go to Starbucks I  havent been to one in soo long, please" I say with a puppy dong face "Ugh sure." We wakleded into Starbucks and I ordered a vanilla frappe and a bagle. We found a seat in the corner, when I getting ready to move out of line some asshole ran into my and made me spill my frappe all over the front of me. "WHAT THE HELL DUDE!" i feel my cheaks turn red from embaressment and anger. "I'm so sorry mam" he says while he hands me a towel. I swat his hang away from me an I look at Gibby her jaw is to the floor. I stomp out of the coffie shop, Gibby and the asshole after me. "What the fuck do you want?!" I tell at him he puts his hands in the air and backs away from me. "Hannah can I talk to you for a sec?" Gibby says and I walk with her and rage builds up inside of me. "What do you freaking want?!" "Well number 1 calm down and number 2 you just told off Niall Horan" "Like I fucking care he deserves it" "Go apoligize now" "No" "Now" and her voice is sterner than before. I take a deep huff. I walk over to him "I'm sorry" I say in a whisper "Sorry what was that?"  he askes "You know damn well what I said" "Wooh sorry, well Im also sorry about spilling your drink all over you" "Its fine" "I'm Niall" he puts his hand out to me to shake it "I know my friend allready informed me. I'm Hannah" I shake his hand.

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