New Life

Hannah is just a normall 18 year old girl has a good family and good freinds. She loves to listen to music to help her think and she loves to write. After Hannah graduates from highschool and goes to New York to fufill her dream as a writer will this trip to New York be the best thing that has ever happened to her?


1. Intro

           What's up people let me introduce myself my names Hannah and I'm 18 I have dark long brown curly hair I have dark brown eyes yeah i know boring colors right. Well I'm not what you call a 'girly girl' i like to dress comfy in like jeans or basketball shorts and a loose t-shirt and ware my hair up everyday with no makeup. I know I know I sound like a slob but I'm not i just hate dressing up and dealing with may hair I hate it. No offence to the people that ware makeup i mean yeah you look pretty but i think its a waste of money to plaster stuff all over your face just to look more pretty to me I think everybody's pretty in their own ways. Well lets get off the subject shall we well umm I'm about to graduate from highschool I live in a small town in Kentucky witch makes the school smaller witch I like. I'm not those type of girls that is obbssesed with boybands or singers but dont get me wrong some of them are hot. I like to listen to music it helps me with my writing. Yep I like to write got a problem? I think not. Well I have a pretty good life my parents are awesome and I have some kickass freinds I'll tell you that. I'm not popular for all I care i think it's stupid. Well after i graduate I'm moving with my best friend Hannah but i call her Gibby just to say I dont even remember why I called her that well back to subject I'm moving with her to New York to fullfill our dreams, my dreams to become a writer and her dreams to be a interveiwer I dont know why but thats her dream haha.



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