Doctor Who Episode Poems: Series 5

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A book of Doctor Who poems, one for every episode! As asked for by you!


9. 9. Cold Blood



Pond and Mo escape, picking pockets,

Now it's time to run like rockets.

However, The Doc and Nasreen are caught by a Silurian band,

By Malokeh strapped in chairs and starting to be scanned.


However they aren't human, and Restac see's them as pollution,

Now demanding their execution.

Mo and Amy find Elliott in a chamber wired to machines,

He didn't look too full of beans...


They find some stasis pods, and weapons too,

Hoping to protect us, me and you.

Back in Cwamtaff Tony's venom is spreading,

Now we all know where this is heading...


After this, Ambrose goes in with a threat,

But now Alaya's prophecies are met,

Ambrose shoots, and Alaya dies,

Come on, Ambrose, that was not wise.


Then Restac appears through a TV link,

Could she not have written in ink?

Amy appears as quite a thruster,

Carrying the line 'Don't try anything clever buster..."


She's captured too, and Restac promises not to kill,

As long as Alaya is unharmed and un ill.

They can't oblige, and the video link ends,

Will there be a toast for absent friends?


Suddenly Eldane's in, with a sting in the tongue,

And seems to send Restac running to her mum.

They decide to negotiate, not to kill.

From Amy and Nasreen this will take skill.


Ambrose and Tony set the drill to burrow,

And to make a long winding furrow.

Then they come down, Ambrose is vexed,

God knows what will happen next.


They agree finally, the planet will be shared,

It seems Amy and Nasreen were well paired.

Meanwhile Restac has killed Malokeh and woke the warrior caste,

Trying to take control, she thinks: At last!


Rory arrives, and Restac too,

To see her sister dead, poor you.

She orders death, but The Doctor stops,

Locking Eldane and the humans in the lab. They'll need 10, tops.


Eldane decided to gas his kind,

He really doesn't seem to mind,

Clearing the way got humans to escape,

Nasreen stays with Tony, causing The Doctor to gape.


They run back to the TARDIS, and see something sublime,

Maybe not, the crack in time.

The Doctor reaches in, screams, and falls,

Behind them with a gun, Restac crawls.


She screams, shouts, fires her gun,

Causing in front, Rory to run.

Now we start the end of the story,

Because Silurian Restac just shot Rory.


Amy cries,

But Rory dies,

The light surrounding his legs,

The Doctor drags Amy into the TARDIS, but with a cry she begs.


The Doctor tells her to hold onto him,

But here comes a moment, grim,

The TARDIS jerks, taking her mind,

Away from Rory, who now she can't find.


They run outside to see the drill explode,

And Ambrose and Mo return to their abode.

Amy see's herself from the future, but on her own,

On the hill, standing alone.


She goes inside, talking of Rio,

The Doctor and Amy. No longer a trio.

Now the Doctor's laughs will cease,

As from the crack he pulled a fragment of the TARDIS piece.



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