Doctor Who Episode Poems: Series 5

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A book of Doctor Who poems, one for every episode! As asked for by you!


6. 6. The Vampires of Venice


In 1580 there's a Venetian girl's school,

For the intelligent, bright, kind and cool.

Guido's daughter's accepted and her future seems bright,

Apart from when Francesco gives her a bite...


After his and Amy's little 'moment' The Doc knows he has to set her straight,

Not sure if telling Rory's great.

He strangely bursts out of Rory's Stag Do cake,

At this point, Amy and Rory's relationship's at stake.


He gets in the box and they fly away,

Bringing a surprise to Amy's day.

The Doctor chooses where to go away,

To lovely Venice, for the day.


They're told the plague is still around,

Piles of bodies raised from the ground.

Rosanna Calvierri seems suspicious,

She also finds humans very delicious...


In the street Guido makes a scene,

For his daughter who needs sun screen.

They wear veils as the sun burns their skin underneath,

They're also hiding some very sharp teeth.


The Doctor's after Guido like a shot,

And he thinks in the school there's plot.

The Doctor's in a dangerous place,

As Guido says they have an animal face.


Rosanna Calvierri has lied to the nation,

At the minute she's going through her hydration.

She wants all in the world to be shaken,

And beg on her door, to be taken.


Meanwhile Rory is shaken by the situation,

He doesn't know this'll me a bad vacation...

As they pose for photo's a scream sparks,

As they find a lady with two bite marks...


The Doctor has found a Vampite lair,

Yet these girls have invisible hair,

As their reflection could be clearer,

Because they cannot be seen in the mirror.


The Doctor legs it to see an excited Amy,

Both getting scared, and dangerously gamey.

They go and see Guido and they hatch a plan for the bride,

And so, they send Amy to the school and inside.


Amy's inside and opens a trap door,

To let Rory and The Doc in from the floor.

She gets caught and taken, she flaps.

Then she see's the chair with straps... 


Rory and The Doc make it through,

Only to find a skeleton crew

No moisture left, they were drunk dry,

Rory's worried Amy will die.


Her dog was a fight,

Now Rosanna's bite,

Was not a little peck,

As it leaves blood marks in Amy's neck.


Rosanna's plan is no for slaughter,

She has thousands of husbands in the water.

A kick from Amy causes Rosanna to transform,

Into her true Saturnyne fish form.


Meanwhile the girls catch up with Amy's boys,

Causing them to flash their bright light toys.

Amy catches up with still leaving Isabella in,

As the sunlight burns her skin.


The next day she's throw to the water,

Like an animal for slaughter.

The Doc means Rosanna who tries to persuade,

But The Doc thinks Venice isn't money to trade.


Rosanna assembles the girls, giving a job,

They assemble as a fishy mob.

Her filter is damaged and she flickers her faces,

As the girls go after the man in braces.


The Doc fixes Amy then realises the plan,

And how the fish girls have a short lifespan.

They made the journey through a crack,

And now to Saturnyne there's no looking back.


The Doc needs to think,

He doesn't even blink.

Hands on their mouths, a weird sensation,

All for The Doc's concentration.


She's going to sink Venice, 

That fishy menace,

And repopulate with the girls she transformed,

With the men to make offspring The Doc's friends are informed.


However the girls come, for an attack,

But Guido manages to fight back,

Destroying himself, the house and girls.

To The Doc humans are like precious pearls.


He goes to stop Rosanna, while the Ponds take the chair,

Ripping wires out, like pulling their hair.

The rains and skies fall on top of the tower,

For all in Venice it's like having a shower...


The Doctor gets to the top, and flicks of the switch,

With a sharp blink and twitch,

The clouds clear but I shan't lie,

I did notice a crack in the sky.


Rosanna however leaves the world with no hope,

She wants to rest forever and mope.

And so, three leave, Amy and her Kings,

Though there were cracks. Some containing the end of all things...











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