Doctor Who Episode Poems: Series 5

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A book of Doctor Who poems, one for every episode! As asked for by you!


4. 4. The Time of Angels


The Doc and Amy are in a boring museum,

Not quite as interesting as the colosseum. 

But on a Home box there's in old Gallifreyan graffiti,

These words could break stars, but this says: 'Hello sweetie.'


River Song is on the rampage on a glitzy space flying ship,

With some coordinates a jump, and skip,

She's out of the airlock leaving the rest hanging,

The sound of the approaching TARDIS, continuously clanging.


The Doctor catches her with shock as the ship rockets past,

With flashing lights and a lightning blast.

The ship is called the Byzantium and it's got a creature inside,

River told them they should all run and hide.


River can pilot the TARDIS and Amy's impressed,

But The Doctor continues to get more stressed.

He's not keen on River and doesn't want trouble,

He wants to stay in his time stream, in his own safe bubble.


They land on Alfa Metraxis, but there is no noise,

River's flies with style, motivation and poise.

A cruel confession to him, he leaves the breaks on,

You can guess why he wants River gone.


The Doc tries to leave but Amy stops in her tracks,

She now knows what her travels lack,

A planet, that's what she wanted, just five minutes, please!

She exclaims her excitement with a little wheeze.


On Alfa Metraxis they see the ship didn't land,

It crashed at the mercy of the creature's hand.

Amy gots suspicions of River already,

But The Doctor insists their timestreams's are going steady.


Amy's told to stay away from the diary, almost on pain of death,

That mystery lies inside River's every breath.

Introduced as 'Professor' River's eyebrows rise,

'I'm going to be a Professor!' She exclaims in surprise.


River's calling back up to investigate the crash,

And with a green resounding flash,

The Doctor 'sonics her' from far away,

And here begins Amy's teasing for today.


The clerics come to the three to report

And with River's words there was silence in court.

Much more unholy than archangels.

'Doctor, what do you know of the weeping angel's?'


It's crashed in an Aplan temple, or 'The Maze of the Dead,'

That name and the statues can mess with you're head.

River shows them the four second video of the stone,

Trapped in the belly of the ship, alone.


There's flooding radiation, and the plan is to tunnel through,

This episode was made to scare me and you.

The Doctor's not too keen on the situation and his current life,

Especially as Amy think's River's his wife.


River calls The Doctor leaving Amy alone,

This next sequence will chill to the bone.

She's alone watching the video, locked inside,

She really needs to run and hide.


'The image of an angel becomes an angel,' The Doc and River read,

His worried face sitting in tweed.

'The eyes are not the windows of the soul they are the doors.'

Creating more fear about what lies under the stone floors.


Amy's not convinced the angel can move, and so looks away,

This is just the start of a challenging day.

The angel gets closer then it's face twists showing teeth,

More trouble lies further deep.


But now she shouts, and The Doctor comes fast,

But the metal won't break, with no spark or blast.

He tells her not to blink and she finds it hard,

This encounter will leave her truly scarred.


The angel then travels out of the screen,

Causing a scared Amy to jump and scream.

The Doc tells her not to look in the eye,

But either way she'll probably die.


She can't resist and looks into the stone stare,

Every mark, and piercing glare.

She then has  a plan, and moves for the remote,

With no doubt a nervous lump in her throat.


In previous attempts it's just switched back on,

But this time it turns out the angel is gone.

Turned off at the end, causing the angel to flicker,

Enabling The Doc to get inside quicker.


Now it's time to go inside, into the maze,

But something in Amy's eye that affects her gaze.

Instruction from Father Octavian says to search all,

The two headed Aplan statues standing tall.


The clerics are being hunted especially Bob,

By the stone angel mob.

Their necks get snapped and voice boxes used,

Stone and flesh badly fused.


Meanwhile The Doc and River realise the mistake,

As dust pours out Amy's eyes with a shake.

They realise the Aplans have to heads,

And that the army of angels is being spread.


It was a rescue mission, the radiation used to revive,

To help all angels live and survive.

They try and run, but the lights are fading,

Amy's stuck with her stone hand, against the grey shading.


The Doctor gives her hand a bite,

But nothing compared to the Gravity Globes light.

If you value you're life there's something you don't put in a trap, 

Something that this plan did enormously lack.

His aim above was locked on her,

The person you don't put in a trap was The Doctor.


Angels everywhere, closing in,

Now this story is starting to begin.

'Jump on my signal!' The Doctor said,

This had no affect of dread.

He had the trust of all in sight,

And knew they would win this darkening fight.

The glowing light above was no longer a dot,

It was the dispersed Gravity Globe The Doctor shot.










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