Doctor Who Episode Poems: Series 5

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A book of Doctor Who poems, one for every episode! As asked for by you!


3. 3. Victory of the Daleks


After the call in the TARDIS flight, 

The TARDIS flew with it's blinking light,

To a Blitz torn, dark London town,

When The Doc see's Winston's weapons he strikes a frown. 


Amy's excited to meet this historical figure,

But not the weapons he decided to configure.

Yet in the war rooms there is a red flashing light,

Signalling all to hide from the fight.


The Doctor is late and Churchill used another,

His colleague scientist Bracewell, not friend or brother.

While he reveals his invention it affects The Doctor a deal,

Creating a large crack that might not heal. 


The Ironsides he named them, the names are not true,

Especially to viewers, like me and you.

These deadly aliens have a dastardly plan,

And it's not to win the war for the the fighting man.


Amy's shocked by the scene of the city,

While The Doctor feels anger and pity,

As Churchill's been fooled by Bracewell's device,

Their true habits show that they aren't nice.


The Doctor looks to Amy for help and back up,

But Amy pulls a face like a sad, helpless pup,

She has no memory or knowledge of the invasion,

Looks like Amy is out of the 'back up' equation.


'Would you care for some tea?' The Ironsides say,

Trying to ruin The Doctor's day.

Their strange aim is to win the war,

But The Doc's not convinced anymore.


In rage he takes a weapon in anger,

Striking the Dalek with a large hammer.

'I am The Doctor!' We already know,

'And you are the Dalek's!' It was time to go.


'Testimony!' They cry, at The Doctor's words,

They forget the planes that fly like birds.

As a Dalek ship's in orbit in the sky,

With weapons to make all humans die.


They also reveal how they came into creation,

And their real, true relation,

To Bracewell who is their creator,

Turns out the Dalek was a traitor.


They created Bracewell as part of the trick,

With a single zap, flash and click,

His hand flies off to reveal plugs and wires,

The electrics of the robot sparking fires.


The Dalek's leave and the war has begun,

But for The Doctor it's time to run.

To the Dalek ship he has to go,

But for Churchill and Amy it's 'KBO.'


But Amy has a plan that might cause a bite,

Something with wings and flashing lights,

Bracewell's science is needed to make a plane,

That by gravity and space it can't be slain.


He creates a spitfire and sends into space,

Meanwhile The Doctor stands in a dangerous place.

The Progenitor is working and new Dalek's are created,

Filled with anger, unhappiness and hatred.


These new Dalek's are survivors, and pure as can be,

More newer and bulkier than the Ironside three.

Five colours, five ranks, five ways to scare all,

A new generation standing tall.


The new Dalek's destroy the ones who are impure,

And by killing them they think they've found the cure.

The savage and scary behaviour they show,

Says that these Dalek's have far to go.


But the spitfire's are coming, and wreck The Dalek ship,

And with a happy, jolly skip,

The Doctor boards his ship and flies away,

But for the second time the Dalek's ruin his day.


Unless The Doctor stops the attack,

The Dalek's will viciously fight back,

By threatening all of the large Earth,

After their unholy, untimely birth.


The Doctor calls off the fire,

And the plane's tyre,

Touches back down on land.

But now The Doctor uses force with his hand.


A punch for Bracewell after the news,

That he is a detonator for the Dalek's to use.

A golden chest which flashes red,

Give it a minute or they'll all be dead.


Amy comes out with the line,

That will save Earth just in time.

She take's Bracewell into his past,

Into the first war and every blast.


His parents, his love all come back,

And now what Bracewell thankfully lacks,

Are Dalek qualities of fear and hate,

Now he no longer has a red flashing plate.


The Dalek's escape, leaving The Doctor sad.

But Amy's says saving Earth isn't bad.

Bracewell is alive and well,

While Churchill nicks the TARDIS key as well!


They leave a town in safe hands,

As Amy realises The Doc's villains and fans.

The Dalek's were reborn inside this rhyme,

But on leaving they failed to see the crack in time.







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