Doctor Who Episode Poems: Series 5

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A book of Doctor Who poems, one for every episode! As asked for by you!


2. 2. The Beast Below


A bad grade, and no lift to go home,

You have to climb up the stairs, dark and alone.

You cheat, and in the lift the face turns unhappy,

After neutral, angry, sad and happy.

The lift below opens and down you fall.

Down to the beast, the scariest of all.


Amy Pond, flying high,

Through the starlit sparkling sky.

Passing under, a ship, Starship UK.

Seems a nice place to spend the day.

That's what they do, although Mandy cries.

Know one talks about the secret like spies.

But no engines work, and Amy follows a lead,

Leading that small girl Mandy to plead.

Amy trespasses, and meets something unpleasant.

Not something nice, not like a present. 

Then the winders come with gas,

Knocking out poor Amy, but alas,

The Doctor meets mysterious Liz Ten,

After inspecting the engines, and then,

Amy finds herself in a voting booth, forget or protest.

Then Amy gets quite stressed.


That she forgets by accident, after the truth,

Of the painful pain and to save the youth. 

The Doctor shows, after an encounter with Liz,

With a shot, and recurring whizz,

The floor opens beneath and they fall down,

The Doctor loves it! But Amy frowns.

Landing in food and slop through a pipe, 

But after a quick hand wipe,

They see the teeth, baring broad,

Sharp and jagged, almost clawed.

'We're in a mouth?' Amy cries,

She's lucky there's no bugs... or flies. 


But then a flash, and liquid and whale sick, 

Seemed to give them a little kick,

Out of the whale out onto land,

Faced with dastardly Smilers in a band.

But Liz 10 comes with a plan, 'She rules,'

Using guns and weapons as tools. 

She wears a mask, and looks the same,

But thinks her advisors have put her in the frame.

She doesn't trust,

She really must,

But her theories might be proved right,

In this next winding fight.

She's the bloody queen, but taken to the tower.

Feeling lost and short of power. 


The theories come together, as the Star Whale is captive,

But it's not, the torture isn't needed, the whale is adaptive.

Liz now knows she's ruled for years,

For times of hardship, happiness and tears.

Amy knows, and realises the truth,

But The Doctor still needs heavy proof.

He's angry at her, but she abdicates with pride,

Causing the ship to beautifully glide.

It's old, the last, sympathetic and kind,

Not a saviour they made in their mind.

It rode to help, they chained it, no need!

The Star Whale didn't want to see others bleed. 

The Doctor respects Amy, and all is well.

Now all the stories read, and Amy can tell:

"In bed above, we're deep asleep,

While greater love lies further deep.

This dream must end, this world must know,

We all depend on the Beast Below."








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