Doctor Who Episode Poems: Series 5

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A book of Doctor Who poems, one for every episode! As asked for by you!


12. 12. The Pandorica Opens




The Pandorica Opens, that's what the painting is called,

From galleries in the future by River it was hauled.

The Pandorica was built to contain the most feared being of all,

Drenched in blood, standing tall.

The three find from Stonehenge a signal transmitted across the stars,

Aliens are coming, from Skaro to Mars.


The Pandorica is opening and Amy battles with a Cyberman,

Roman Centurion Rory returns to help her… he has a long life span...

She doesn't remember, and nor does he,

The Doctor talks about miracles, and smiles with glee.

The TARDIS takes River to Amy's house,

Present day, and it's been broken into, but not by a mouse.

All the Romans are from a book, coincidence? Not.

The TARDIS goes funny, and it's sparks cause the engines to rot.


Amy then remembers Rory, 

But it's revealed as a shock to the story.

All the Romans are Auton copies, and Rory begins to activate,

The Doctor, he wants to eradicate.


He fights for it, but Amy's first,

As from Rory's hand, a gun bursts.

He shoots Amy, she falls and lands,

Dead against Rory, resting in his hands. 


Then the Pandorica opens, to reveal a chair,

All the Doctor's enemies form in an Alliance, as they care.

They think the universe will be destroyed because he blows up the box,

All universes will be deleted, showering rocks.


Now all universes explode, the TARDIS with it,

From the console toward River, fires spit.

The Doctor is then closed in the box while chaos does surround,

Is the fate of reality sealed and bound?



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