Doctor Who Episode Poems: Series 5

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A book of Doctor Who poems, one for every episode! As asked for by you!


11. 11. The Lodger



The TARDIS lands and the Doctor flies out,

The TARDIS' circuits have gone up the spout,

Flashing numbers, sparking a light,

This will give Amy Pond a fright.


In a flat, Craig and Sophie have a secret passion,

But to show it off is not their fashion.

The ad is seen and Craig wouldn't have minded an old codger,

Because a crazy ride begins as The Doctor's his lodger. 


It's strange, with mould and people being taken,

Loud noises causes The Doctor to awaken,

Mainly from Pond who sounds like an angry proctor,

With the undoubted cry of: "DOCTORRRRR!"


He needs to know why the TARDIS is effected by the noise upstairs,

How does he do that? By living downstairs.

Meanwhile finding Amy seems like an endeavour, 

As one move and she could be lost forever.


The Doc soon fits in, armed with a toothbrush though,

As a human he has far to go. 

Meeting Sophie, then joining the team,

More time distortions equals ratty TARDIS. Thats mean. 


The Doc's too in Craig's face and when he discovers a thing,

It causes him to snap like a piece of string. 

A weird machine, Craig wants The Doc out,

But he needs to explain... with a head knock-about.


They then realise something's wrong,

Sophie then appears to be gone. 

She's been taken upstairs, and screams are heard,

Craig has to hurry to save his bird!


The enter the room to find a ship, looking for a pilot,

Testing hands like a lucky dip.

They pull in The Doctor, not knowing it won't end well,

The universe will explode but the ship can't tell. 


They are pulling Sophie, and they need the killer,

They want to leave, and describing why Craig wants to stay is a winner. 


He admits his love for Sophie, and they share a kiss,

Destroying the protocol, the world won't explode, oh bliss!

They return to the flat after the ship flies away,

Ruining friendships? A productive day.


Craig thanks The Doctor, and tells him to say,

But The Doctor has greater challenges coming his way. 

He leaves happy, and tells Pond to write the ad, 

All this time stuff, it's really quite mad. 


But back at the flat, the crack in time stirrs,

As the TARDIS beeps and whirrs. 

Amy fumbles in his pocket to find a red pen or something,

But all she finds is a slightly familiar ring...



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