Doctor Who Episode Poems: Series 5

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A book of Doctor Who poems, one for every episode! As asked for by you!


10. 10. Vincent and The Doctor



In the Musee d'Orsay, The Doctor finds something not entertaining,

An alien face in a Van Gogh painting.

They need to speak to him, he won't take it lightly,

Time to go to Arles 1890!


The find Vincent, and in Arles forget Rio,

Has The Doctor found a new trio?

Van Gogh has a bad reputation,

Needing to quench a thirst for wine hydration...


Amy (this opportunity) she won't lose,

She'll share a bottle with whomever she'll choose.

Ginger attraction began to spread,

But in the street they find a poor girl dead.


They blame Vincent and his madness,

But this doesn't drive him into much sadness.

He offers Amy and The Doctor to stay,

Now this will make an interesting day...


He sadly confesses know one cares for his works,

But Amy liking them gave a few perks.

Then Amy goes outside to look at some drying, now harm to you and me,

ONly when she's attacked by an invisible creature, one only Vincent can see...


He draws as he does, and it is discovered,

The Doctor identifies the Krafayis, now uncovered.

The Doctor knows he'll come to the Church, 

BUt says not for long him and Amy will say and perch. 


Whilst in the matter of a few hours,

Amy reveals her display of Sunflowers.

Paint them? She asks, with a cheeky grin,

He agrees to the challenge as Amy probably thinks: I win!


Upset by this, Vincent hides away,

Only the start of a challenging day,

At the thought of him taking his life, and catching the Krafayis alone, Amy feels faint,

But then Vincent comes into view, raring to paint. 


He hears the song of Amy's sadness,

Do you think Vincent suffers from madness?

The Doctor says he had painting classes, 

This he comments, as well as: 'Is this how time usually passes?!'


Then, Vincent spots the creature, The Doctor feeling remorse,

When asked will you follow, Amy replies: 'Of course!'

Vincent reveals that the Krafayis blind,

His usually crowd seemed to mind.


But then with his the point of his easel Vincent hears cries,

As the Krafayis slowly and finally dies.

Outside, they lay on the floor, looking at the night,

Seeing with Vincent as if the sky takes flight.


Before they go they show him an artist's salary,

They take him to his art gallery.

He cries as he realises how much he is loved,

Not the hiding man, cloaked and gloved.


They take him home, for final goodbyes,

Amy hopes wishes him well and wise.

The go back to the gallery like spies,

But to Amy's sadness at the same time, Vincent dies.


But a gift is waiting, for her and her flowers,

For her, because of ginger powers.

Probably for her love of facing danger, or being gamey,

Written on 'Sunflowers,' the words: 'For Amy.'






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