Doctor Who Episode Poems: Series 5

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A book of Doctor Who poems, one for every episode! As asked for by you!


1. 1. The Eleventh Hour


The Doctor's regenerated and now flying through the sky,

One single crash and he may die.

Over London and Big Ben,

A close shave past the Eye and then,

A crash in Leadworth, in a shed in the back,

Amelia Pond with the fairytale name did lack,

Decent food, she served beens and fried,

All she did was tried and tried.

The Doc wasn't sure, he was still cooking,

And after food, still hurriedly looking.

The crack in time that scared her at night,

Would start a long and painful fight.

The giant eye though the wall,

Two times pressed together in a wall so tall.

The crack in the wall, not the wall but in time,

But The Doctor runs when the TARDIS gives a chime.

'Trust me I'm The Doctor. Five Minutes' he said, 

Amelia Pond ran to her bed.

She sat outside on a suitcase excited.

But for her no Blue Box in the sky was sighted.


The Doctor flew forward in time to see,

An older Pond standing with he.

The police woman, maid, woman of faces,

She really put psychiatrists through thier paces. 

Running from Zero and his dog,

Climbing over fences avoiding bogs. 

The sun went wibbly and began to block out,

And Zero glowed and went down the spout. 

Still after Zero the Atraxi threat,

And if their demands are not met,

They will incinerate Earth with no remorse.

The Doctor has to stop them, obvious, of course. 

Amy didn't trust and with a tie in the car,

The Doctor explained it was him from afar.

They found Rory the 'boyfriend' of Pond,

Nice big nose, short hair, not like Bond.


They drove to the hospital with Zero in sight, 

And the Atraxi soon saw the light.

They captured Zero saying 'Silence will fall,'

As The Doctor ran up to the roof so tall.

A change of dress, a bow tie shoes, 

No time for a nap, or a snooze.

The Atraxi got scared and ran away,

But The Doctor ruined Amy's day.

He ran away, again leaving her behind,

Looking at the light she was nearly blind.


After 2 years he returned, and offered her an chance,

She was reluctant but looked back without a single glance.

They flew away together but struggle was near.

Soon Amy would shed a tear,

Remembering the day she needed to be,

Her wedding day, which she had decided to flee.



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