Song Compilation

Not a single song here is finalized. They vary in length with anything from a single line to a full length song. I write about what I feel like, so no one is safe. And people important to me (both in good and bad) are my main targets, like crushes

-Noah and the whale- Life is Life

Well he used to be somebody
And now he's someone else
Took apart his old life
Left it on the shelf
Sick of being someone
He did not admire
Took up all his old things
Set em all on fire

He's gonna change
Gonna change his ways
Gonna change
Gonna change his ways

And it feels like his new life can start
And it feels like heaven


15. Roughing the Passer

I'm on my bed watching the clock

Its not moving

Youre going out of my head

Running forward I'm stuck back here

Caught by time  


Struck and dropped

You cant just smile at me

When you know what ive done

Just go round yourself

Nothing else truly matters

Go get fucked till death!  


You say that you are friends

But ive seen his benefits

And its what ive been dreaming

Its what im never achieving

Guess i cant break free friend

The zone coverage is too tight  


stop acting so nice

You broke me but

At least im not a failure

Completely slut of love

Ill watch you burn and scream

Standing on the scorch earth!  


The only thing worse

Would be you just lieing

How can loneless be better than me  


I just dont understand

So stop putting me down!

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