Love Conquers Evil

Charlotte is your average girl. Her and her best friend Dakota are looking for romance this summer - but when Charlotte meets Zayn Malik, the temperamental boxer who sees her as eye candy what will happen? Zayn claims her as his even though she doesn't agree. Will Zayn snap on Charlotte? Will Charlotte actually fall for Zayn? Does Zayn have real feelings for Charlotte? Discover the adventures that the two of them go on together while facing the world.


7. Getting Taken Care Of

Zayn comes back into the room a couple of minutes later with two cups of tea. I feel pretty normal now except for feeling disgusting and a pounding headache. He hands me a cup and then sits next to me. I lean my weight onto him and he wraps one arm around me. 

"How do you feel?" He asks.

"That depends. Are you calmer now?" I question. He nods. "Well than I feel like crap," I complain.

"Anything I can do to help?" He inquires.

"Aspirin and a shower," I whisper.

"Done," He says getting up.

"Wait. Zayn, how'd you know where I was?" I ask.

"We'll talk about it later," He replies. I stand up and my headache worsens, but I refuse to sit back down. I follow Zayn to the kitchen where he hands me three little pills. I swallow them all with a big sip of tea. Then Zayn takes my hand in his and leads me to the bathroom.

He starts the water for me. "Leave the door open a crack so I can hear if you fall. I promise I won't look," He tells me.

"Thank you," I reply. He nods and leaves the bathroom. I undress and step into the shower. The hot water immediately makes me feel ten times better. My muscles relax and my head feels relieved of pressure that was on it before. The only soap in here is Axe, but I feel disgusting still so I lather the chocolate Axe all over my body, twice. 

About twenty minutes later, when I finally feel clean and relaxed, I turn off the water. There's a white towel hanging up and even though I figure it's Zayn's, I wrap it around me because there's nothing else here.

I exit the bathroom and the cool air refreshes my skin. "Feel better?" Zayn's voice comes from down the hall. He comes into sight, but immediately closes his eyes. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry," He apologizes.

"Zayn it's okay, it's like anything is showing," I laugh dryly. He slowly opens his eyes and his eyes run up and down my body as my eyes drink in his chest. I step closer to him though because the bruises from the fight on Wednesday have developed. I trace them lightly with my finger as he pushes a strand of my hair behind my ear gently. 

"Um...I'm not sure what to do about clothes," I whisper, trailing my finger up until my hand rests on his shoulder. 

"You can borrow some," He replies quietly. My hand glides down his arm to his hand and they lock. Our eyes meet and a mutual feeling is created - safety. He pulls me gently to the room that's right next to the bathroom and I sit down on the bed. He hands me a pair of Boxer Shorts and one of his T-shirts. 

"Well turn around!" I laugh dryly. He turns around so I unwrap the towel and step into the boxer shorts. Then I pull the T shirt over me and pull my arm up into a messy bun. "You can turn back around now," I say, picking up the towel.

He turns back around and gives a small smile. "You can drive me home now," I tell him. He shakes his head.

"You can wait until morning," He replies. 

"Well it is way too early for bed," I respond, making my way out to the living room again and sitting on the couch. Zayn follows me out and sits next to me. I see my phone and money on the table. I reach out to grab my phone but before I do, Zayn reaches it.

"No phone," He demands.

"Zayn I have to text Dakota and check in. We promised to call/text each other every day until she gets back," I tell him. He doesn't budge, but puts it on the table next to him and out of my reach. I place my hand on Zayn's chest and try to reach for it, but I can't get it. "Zayn!" I scold him. 

He sighs and hands me my phone. I unlock it out of his view and I send a text to Dakota telling her about my day - leaving out the alley attack and the fact that I'm with Zayn; she wouldn't approve. As soon as I hit send I put it on the table again. 


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