Love Conquers Evil

Charlotte is your average girl. Her and her best friend Dakota are looking for romance this summer - but when Charlotte meets Zayn Malik, the temperamental boxer who sees her as eye candy what will happen? Zayn claims her as his even though she doesn't agree. Will Zayn snap on Charlotte? Will Charlotte actually fall for Zayn? Does Zayn have real feelings for Charlotte? Discover the adventures that the two of them go on together while facing the world.


11. Fell Asleep

I plug my phone in as soon as I get inside. I call Dakota and tell her EVERYTHING that happened last night and this morning. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME LAST NIGHT?!" She yells through the phone.

"I didn't want you to worry. Zayn saved me and made sure I was okay. There wasn't a reason that you needed to know right away," I say telling her part of it. 

"What are you hiding?" She asks. 

"Nothing," I lie.

"Charlotte. Tell me right now," She demands.

"Dakota I erm...have  to go," I tell her. I take another three Aspirin and decide to take a nap to soothe my aching head. 

When I wake up it's six o'clock. "Fuck," I mutter, as the door bell rings. I run my hand through my hair while I look at my phone to see four missed calls from Zayn and three text messages.  I sigh and trudge to the front door, opening it to let in a very upset Zayn. 

"Where the hell is your phone?" He says immediately.

"In my hand," I reply, trying to be brave. His irises blend in with his pupils - that's how dark they are. They are dark and cold and...scary. They remind me of last night in the alley.

"Ha! That's funny!" He snaps sarcastically. He grabs me by the waist and pushes me up against the wall. "Why aren't you ready? Thinking that'll stop you from coming?" He yells in my face. I can barely keep the tears from overflowing. He's holding me against the wall so that I can't move away from it, but he's not hurting me. 

'I just woke up," I speak through gritted teeth, looking him straight in the eyes. He looks me up and down from my messy hair to my clothes from earlier that includes his own shirt. Deciding that I'm not lying, he releases me from against the wall.

"Go get dressed," He commands.

Silently, I leave him in my living room, heading down the hallway to my room. I put on black skinny jeans and a grey tank top, topping off the outfit with my leather jacket. "Sneakers or heels?" I call down the hallway.

"We're going to watch a fight and then to a club," He answers. I decide to go with heels - my favourite black stilettos to be exact. I slip them on my feet and add earrings. Lastly I add some liner and lipgloss which makes my eyes pop out. 

I come out of my room and take a deep breath, ready to face Zayn. I had also slipped on silver bangles on my wrist to balance out the black of my outfit. As I come into view I try to think only of the sweet Zayn from last night and not the Zayn from the day of his fight. Unfortunately, it seems that tonight he is the Zayn from the fight. 

He looks up at me from his phone and his eyes widen. "I'm ready," I say. He gets up and walks to the door. 

"I'm sorry for yelling at you before," He apologizes as I walk towards the door. I nod, accepting his apology, but not telling him that it's okay. He looks at me for a moment. "You're different than other girls that I've dated," Zayn states.

"This isn't a date," I reply, exiting my house with him right behind me. I automatically climb into the passenger seat of his black Bentley. He starts the car before beginning to talk.


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