Love Conquers Evil

Charlotte is your average girl. Her and her best friend Dakota are looking for romance this summer - but when Charlotte meets Zayn Malik, the temperamental boxer who sees her as eye candy what will happen? Zayn claims her as his even though she doesn't agree. Will Zayn snap on Charlotte? Will Charlotte actually fall for Zayn? Does Zayn have real feelings for Charlotte? Discover the adventures that the two of them go on together while facing the world.


5. Au Revoir ma copine

Charlotte POV

The next day we clean up all of the popcorn and we go out to lunch together - our last lunch together for two weeks. When we are done with lunch we head back to our flats and just talk about the rest of our summer plans. 

At six o'clock we load the car and begin to make our way to the airport. "Promise me something?" She asks.

"Sure," I answer.

"Be careful with Zayn," She says.

"Definitely. He scares me," I laugh, but only too fill the awkward space. "Promise me something too," I demand.

"Okay. What is it?" She questions.

"Text or call me everyday," I request but it sounds more like a command.

"Of course I will!" She exclaims. We laugh and hug as I help her unload her bags at the airport. I check to make sure that she's all set and then I give her one more hug before heading back to my car to head home. 

As soon as I get home I go to bed, just because I'm tired. I figure that tomorrow I'm just going to relax and hang around my flat.


I wake up in the morning, still really tired. I look at the clock on my bedside table and see that it is in fact past morning - it's 1:34pm. I take a deep breath and get out of bed. I spend about two hours in the living room, working on writing a song with my guitar. 

Once I've given up on writing for the day, I plop down on the couch and watch the tellie for another hour and a half. 

After that though, I get tired of just sitting around. I change into jeans and a tank top, grab my phone, money and head out for a walk down town. I walk down the main street and plug my headphones into my ears. 

This day has been pretty boring so far, but relaxing all the same. I spend a little while walking around, but then tire of that too so in order to get home faster I cut through the alleys - big mistake.

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