Love Conquers Evil

Charlotte is your average girl. Her and her best friend Dakota are looking for romance this summer - but when Charlotte meets Zayn Malik, the temperamental boxer who sees her as eye candy what will happen? Zayn claims her as his even though she doesn't agree. Will Zayn snap on Charlotte? Will Charlotte actually fall for Zayn? Does Zayn have real feelings for Charlotte? Discover the adventures that the two of them go on together while facing the world.


8. Anger Issues?

"Now how did you know where I was?" I ask Zayn.

He looks at me and his face saddens. "I should've gotten to you sooner," He whispers.

"Zayn. That is not your fault. I'm the idiot who went through the alleys without pepper spray," I try to make a joke out of it. 

"I was so close! I should've gotten sooner! It's all my fault," He says, looking for the spot on my collar bone.

"Zayn," I begin, tipping his head up with my finger to look at me, "it wasn't your fault I got hurt."

"Why didn't you come to my fight?" He asks.

"Well you were trying to force me to go so I decided not too," I shrug. "Why?" I ask.

"I told you I wouldn't be happy. That's why when it was over, I came looking for you. I figured I would stop by your flat, but no one was home. Then I was about to drive off when I heard I scream. I thought it was just something stupid, but then I heard a thud and another small scream. I took off running towards the sound and saw him. I thought I would just tear him off and punch him once or twice - until I saw that it was you he had. He doesn't deserve to live," Zayn's knuckles whiten as he gets towards the end. I reach over and take his hand in mine, flattening it and rubbing it.

"So the reason that you knew where I was is because you were upset that I didn't show up at the fight?" I ask trying to understand this. He nods. 

"Do I still scare you?" He questions me, looking me straight in the eyes. 

"Yeah, you do," I admit. Instead of the confident smirk I expect to see, his face goes blank. I can't tell if he's happy or sad about it. 

"Why?" He asks after a moment of silence.

"Have you seen yourself when your fighting someone? Or trying to beat someone to death?" I question him.

"No, and I would've successfully beaten him to death if a certain lady hadn't yelled at me to stop," He replies, his other fist clenching. 

"Look at me Zayn. I'm a little scratched, but I'm fine. Please stop worrying. Don't even think about it," I request of him. Now I take BOTH of his hands in mine and rub them softly. His eyes meet mine again and I finally see them a color other than midnight black. They turn to a softer and warmer brown. The brown in a little hard to see from far away, so I lean in to get a better look. I can tell the difference between his irises and his pupils. 

"What?" He asks, looking at me confused.

"Your eyes are really pretty when you aren't angry," I tell him.

"Pretty?" He mocks the word.

"Yes. Pretty," I stick my tongue out at him. "My point is, when you fight, you scare me," I add.

"I'm sorry it scares you. There's really no need for you to be scared though," He says.

"In case you haven't noticed, you have a high temper that causes you to lash out on people," I reply, now I'm the one trying to keep my calm. 

"Lash out? When have I lashed out?" He exclaims, standing up.

"You lashed out on me Wednesday when I asked for my phone!" I respond, poking his chest.

"Because you were being annoying about it!" He yells.

"You TOOK my phone!" I yell in response, placing both of my hands on his chest and pushing slightly. He holds his position for a second and closes his eyes. I close my eyes too, trying to rein in MY temper now. 

"I'm sorry. Maybe I do have slight anger issues, but I am working on controlling it and it would help if you aren't scared," He says.

"I can't help it if I'm scared," I state. He sighs.

"Your right," He answers. "I'm sorry," He repeats.

"And I'm sorry for snapping at you," I reply. He nods and we both sit back down on the couch, thinking of something to do.


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