Babysitting Malik

(before one direction) living next door to the Zayn Malik is awesome now babysitting his little sister Safaa and best friends with him even better we even go to the same school his older sister is always out with friends during the week so im with Zayn and his little sisters


11. triple dates

Hannah and Bien finally got me and Zayn to go with them to the movies on a triple date. It was fun since were all friends I put on a cropped blue sweatshirt that had a heart that was purple and i put on my blue pre ripped jeans (im obssesed with pre ripped jeans) and my blue dcs that had purple hearts on it i straighten my hair and put some lip gloss on i was ready.

(Zayn P.O.V)

I went and got my blue jacket that had N on it that i just bought i put it on and went to see if Nat was ready. I knocked on the door and Nat opened it she looked gorgus in blue her t shirt was even blue her hair was completly straight she was absoultly beutiful we started walking to the movie theater hand in hand.

After the movie we went for ice cream we both got cooki dough ice cream with hidden white choclate chips and a sprinkle cone yummy oh she also got gummy bears then we left walking home enjoying our ice cream by the time we got back we ad finished our ice cream this time went to my house we go to my room and talk she still gives me wacky answers when i ask whats up like a plane ceiling birds clouds bats. We started kissing her arms around my neck my hands on her waist and in the middle her phones goes off "i have to go goodnight love you"

"goodnight babe love you to" we kiss one last time and Nat leaves. I tweet @zaynmalik had amazing night with a special girl <3 and get in pjs and go to bed

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