Babysitting Malik

(before one direction) living next door to the Zayn Malik is awesome now babysitting his little sister Safaa and best friends with him even better we even go to the same school his older sister is always out with friends during the week so im with Zayn and his little sisters


17. together again

(Zayn P.O.V)

I couldnt believe it me and Nat were back together again she had to take everything out of her tour bus i let her put in my closet we didnt have a spare bedroom but i didnt mind sleeping with her and she didnt mind either. Nat still had the candy stash but only $10 worth out of each paycheck. After catching up it was late so we went to bed. I put my arm around her waist and she grabbed my hand and held it in hers I knew she was the one!


hey guys just wanted to let you know thats the end i will be making more like dating malik is the next one coming so check it out.

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