Babysitting Malik

(before one direction) living next door to the Zayn Malik is awesome now babysitting his little sister Safaa and best friends with him even better we even go to the same school his older sister is always out with friends during the week so im with Zayn and his little sisters


13. Suprise and Judges House

(Zayn P.o.V.)

"since when do you sing" i ask coruis

"you know i dont know i mean some times i sing but i didnt think i was great"

"well you are I think your the real competition" She smiles and she kisses me and i kiss back when we get home we need to think about our next perfomance "i think you should do wings i tell her"

"really ok nevermind and you should do big time rush any kind of guy"

"if i do that you have to do a little mix love song"

"little mix do break up songs'

"we are who we are do that one"

"ok"  and before we know it its bootcamp i wasnt put through and Nat was good for her she finds me and hugs me "i did this for you because you were here when i was on that stage and i cant do this with out you" she says tears streaming down her face "wait before you go home the judjes want to see harry liam louis niall and zayn" Nat looks at me and kisses me i go out on stage and one judge says "we think your just to talented to let go of" and simon says"we decided to put you through to judges house as a group" Me and the others agree with Harrys ideo one direction and i tell Nat the great news she hugs me and starts kissing me i kiss back "we in this together" i tell her

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