Babysitting Malik

(before one direction) living next door to the Zayn Malik is awesome now babysitting his little sister Safaa and best friends with him even better we even go to the same school his older sister is always out with friends during the week so im with Zayn and his little sisters


3. Hanging out

When Zayns parents got back we went to hang out and Hannah and Bien wanted to talk with me in private about "girl stuff" "so did he" Hannah started

"ask you out"Bien finshed

"are you serious we just hanged out at his place with his sister"i said but I did have a crush on Zayn he was sweet and really cute. I was the only one who knew I didnt talk about it though. Bien and Hannah were disappointed they wanted to go on triple dates to the movies or something. Then we went back to the boys.

(Zayns P.O.V)

When the girls were talking in private Harry and Niall were asking me if Nat and I were dating I told them no they were disappointed the truth is Im just scared she'll say no. They all knew that I had a crush on Nat selp for Hannah Bien and Nat. Nat was pretty (in pink see what i did there) funny and had the cutest blue eyes I've ever seen and her long blonde hair was always done and buitiful! She was the prettiest girl i have ever laid eyes on. The girls were back and I got me out of my thoughts then Niall whispered to me to ask Nat out right here. Then i gave him that look telling him to shut up. Nat was just standing there quietly then louis broke the silence "why is it quiet lets play a game!!!" Everyone agreed.

"what game"Nat asked

"TRUTH OR DARE" Louis shouted "and i shall go first because I had the idea right Kevin" there was Kevin in his lap Louis making him nod.We burst out laughing at Louis actions "you shall not laugh at you king carrot" He demanded in his royal voice" and thats what we call the swagmaster from doncaster.

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