Babysitting Malik

(before one direction) living next door to the Zayn Malik is awesome now babysitting his little sister Safaa and best friends with him even better we even go to the same school his older sister is always out with friends during the week so im with Zayn and his little sisters


5. Crushs

"cmon Nat" Hannah said nudging me

"its a secret and it wouldnt be if i told you" I said scared at what Zayn would do if i said it was him then they started chanting cmon Nat

" I said its private and thats how i want it"

"Then im going to have to tickle you to death"Louis said

"Your gonna have to catch me first and if you do i'll tell" did i seriously just say thought god im a idiot I got up and started running faster than ever now everyone was chasing me Hannah was in her sport shorts and was faster than everyone and was on my tail i choose the wrong day to wear my ripped jeans.i started to pick things up and throw them at them slowing them down i screamed when Hannah had tackled me "tell"

"I said Louis had to catch me" i said getting out of Hannahs tackle and running again but Louis caught me

"spill it" he said Zayn wasnt here any more he had left at least thats from what i could see

"ok get off of me" i said taking a deep breathe i said "Zayn"

then i saw him god dammit his eyes widend and a smile on his face


Nat has a crush on me why was I scared in the first place she would be over tommrow I'll her then

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