Slow Life

When Renee keeps telling Bella that she's an old soul, she has no idea how right she is. See, Bella really is an old soul. She keeps getting reincarnated every time her body dies. So, where does Edward come in?


14. Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)


"I thought I lost you forever, and I guess my mind just blocked you out. I felt that because I became a vampire I lost my soul and that I'd never find you again because of that. I felt like I didn't deserve you any longer," Edward explained a few hours later as we cuddled in my bed. Edward didn't want me to be cold, so he thought that he could lay on my blankets, but I shot that idiotic idea down and brought out my electric blanket and plugged it in. It kept both of us toasty warm and Edward's skin was almost as warm as if he were a human again.

I sighed as his explanation and kissed his shoulder.

"As long as I found you again, I'm happy," I replied softly. I smiled as I felt his lips on my head.

"Though, I have to admit I'm curious about how you remembered me?" I whispered.

He was quiet for a while, and I let him gather his thoughts.

"I think that I started to remember you when you mentioned your previous name," he admitted, "but I was afraid to get my hopes up. What if it was just a dream that I was dreaming, even though I can't sleep any more? What if I blinked and you were gone in just that millisecond?"

There was another short silence.

"When I avoided you for the next week, it was because I was still frightened. But when I came home tonight and you told us your story, it all clicked. I froze and couldn't keep my eyes from you. I finally realized it wasn't a dream. It was true. You came back to me. Your soul found mine, even though I thought I lost it. In that moment, my mind went into overload. I thought about everything I started believing in after Carlisle changed me and my whole world changed. For a few moments I lost my reason when I remembered how I lost you to those vampires and I got angry at you – for no reason – I mean, how couldn't you be afraid of vampires after that gruesome experience?"

I was quiet as he tried to find words to explain himself more. I raised myself on my elbows and looked Edward in his eyes.

"I could never be frightened of you. You are my other half, my everything. The only thing I'm frightened of is losing you again. Don't ever do that to me again, you hear me?"

I poked his chest with those last words and let my tears fall down my cheeks again.

"I promise," he whispered as he pulled me closer to him. Then he started humming my lullaby. He had composed this piece of music eons ago. It still soothed me.

"I missed you," I replied as I closed my eyes.

"I missed you too," he smiled through the humming.

"I'll kill you myself if you ever forget me again," I mumbled as I felt sleep overcome me.

"And I don't doubt that, my angel," I heard him say before I went under.


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