Slow Life

When Renee keeps telling Bella that she's an old soul, she has no idea how right she is. See, Bella really is an old soul. She keeps getting reincarnated every time her body dies. So, where does Edward come in?


6. Friends


Edward didn't show up in school for the rest of the week and I began to suspect that he either a) ditched school to avoid me, b) was actually sick enough to stay at home, or c) there was something other than the above possibilities going on. I couldn't think of what though, so I suffered in silence as the week dragged on.

There was one highlight though. I kind of spoke to Alice Cullen, Edward's sister and she was nice to me. She was very bubbly and hyper and would jump around like she was dancing. She was very graceful and I felt envious of that. How I wish this body wasn't this clumsy. My classmates at Gym already knew to avoid me when I was on my "warpath" so luckily, I was the only one that got injured. I managed to hit the ball back on my face when playing volleyball and I still had a bruise to prove it.

When Monday came I was skittish again. I had Biology today and I wondered if Edward was going to come to school or not.

When I came to the parking lot, the shiny silver Volvo was parked there and all five of the Cullens were stationed around it. I ignored their stares as I moved towards school as quickly as possible, my stomach full of butterflies.

He was here. I ducked my head when I entered the school, trying to hide my red face and hoping that no one would hear my heart (it was beating pretty fast and loudly).

Somehow, I managed to survive until lunchtime and sat down at my, now, usual table. I sat together with the people that I met on my first day: Lauren, Jessica, Mike, Eric, Tyler and Angela. Angela was the nicest of the lot and Lauren the rudest. Mike was still following me around like a golden retriever and it was slowly getting on my nerves.

After totally mangling my croissant to pieces and flittering about with my Coke until it got warm enough to not be drinkable anymore, lunch finished and I started walking towards the Biology classroom.

My stomach was in knots when I stopped in front of the classroom doors.

Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I opened the doors and as quickly as possible sat down in my chair. I was the first one there. I was too nervous to sit still, so I prepared myself for the class. I was just re-reading my notes from previous week when I heard the chair next to mine slide on the floor a bit.

I knew immediately that Edward came. I stilled for a microsecond, before turning towards him, holding my breath.

"Hello. I didn't get a chance to introduce myself last week. My name is Edward Cullen," he said before I got a chance to open my mouth.

I blinked at him in surprise. His voice was melodic and beautiful. It could lull me to sleep if he wanted it to. It could send my body in haywire with its sensuality if he wanted it to. His voice was a bit different from the last time I heard it, but the way he was talking, it was like the way he talked when I saw him last.

Not wanting him to misinterpret the silence, I took a breath and replied,

"And I'm Bella Swan. I'm sorry about last week. I was on edge because of all that first day at school business."

He gave me a small smile in return, so I knew that I was forgiven. I felt my insides calm down a bit and asked him,

"Are you alright now? Only you looked like you would be sick last week."

"Yes, I feel better now. It was just food poisoning."

I nodded. I knew how bad those could get. Though, I still didn't believe him one hundred percent. It was just too easy to lie about that. But as I didn't want the truce between us to come to an end, I let it go. For now.

"Hey, did you get contacts?" I blurted out as I looked into his golden eyes. I remembered that his eyes were coal black in Biology last week.

"What? No," he said confused.

"Because I'd swear they were black last week," I insisted. He got a bit uncomfortable as he gazed at me. There was a silence for a moment, before he said,

"No, it's just the fluorescents."

I sighed and nodded.

The rest of the class was spent doing practical work with onion roots and we chatted amiably until the class ended. Then he left the classroom as soon as possible. Again, with that inhuman speed. I wondered what was wrong with him, but decided to not pursue the matter. I was still optimistic. We managed to talk today without him glaring at me or looking like something smelled badly.

So, that made us friends of sorts, right?

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