Slow Life

When Renee keeps telling Bella that she's an old soul, she has no idea how right she is. See, Bella really is an old soul. She keeps getting reincarnated every time her body dies. So, where does Edward come in?


5. Done All Wrong


I couldn't wait for lunchtime to finish so that I could escape to my next class. I walked with Mike (he had Biology II as well) to our classroom. I sighed at his puppy-like expression as he followed me inside. My insides froze again as I saw that Edward was in this class as well. I turned my head towards the professor as his gaze slid on me again. I could feel my cheeks redden again. I quickly gave my slip to professor Banner (luckily he didn't demand of me to introduce myself like the Trig teacher did) and looked around to see if there were any free spaces.

I cursed and blessed my luck as I noticed that the only seat left was right next to Edward. I blessed my luck because I was able to sit next to him, and I cursed because Edward was glaring at me as if he hated me. I gulped nervously as I sat down next to him. He immediately moved as far away from me as possible, his face morphed into disgust as if something smelly just sat next to him. I stared at him incredulously.

"Do I smell or something?" I asked him with a scowl. Edward blinked at me and shook his head.

"Then what the hell is your problem?"

I didn't care if I was rude, hell – he was rude to me first, and I felt really hurt that he didn't recognize me, remember me. My whole body hurt like hell because his soul rejected mine. I could feel my soul battering against his, but his didn't move an inch. Usually our souls merged immediately when we set our eyes on each other. I shook my head and circled my hands around my stomach and glared down at the desk.

Mr Banner either ignored my loud voice or he decided it was safer to ignore it. I noticed that he seemed to avoid our desk as much as possible as he walked between the desks explaining something about something. I didn't know what since I wasn't listening to him.

I glanced at Edward again. He still didn't move an inch, but had his eyes closed as if he was suffering from a bad headache. His hands were fisted and it almost seemed as if he was shaking slightly. I started wondering if something else was wrong with him (if it wasn't my smell that disturbed him). I discreetly sniffed my hair. Nope, it smelled of strawberry, my favourite shampoo.

I decided to let my anger go and whispered,

"Sorry for snapping at you. It's just that it's my first day and I'm really nervous."

That should do as an excuse. I really was sorry, but I wasn't nervous. I'd done high school a million times so I was used to either being a new student or the shiny new toy that everyone wanted to play with.

"It's alright," he mumbled at me, with his eyes still closed.

"Are you alright?" I asked him. "If it isn't me that has you so tense."

There was a brief moment of silence and then he opened his eyes and looked at me.

"I probably ate something that didn't agree with me at lunch."

He lied, since I saw that he didn't touch his food. But I was prepared to let it go and let him lie. I lied too, after all.

"Why don't you go to the nurse's office then and lay down a little?" I said, but before he answered me, the bell that indicated that the class was over rang and he was out of his seat and out of the classroom before I could blink.

I blinked at the empty space next to me and wondered what the hell happened. There was no way that the speed he used to escaped from the classroom was human. I frowned at the little fact that he was different. I mentally started a checklist to see what was different from the usual Edward.

1. His eyes are golden brown – not green
2. He is more beautiful than before
3. He is paler than before
4. He doesn't remember/recognize me
5. His soul rejects mine
6. He is inhumanly fast


I was sure that the checklist would get more numbers as the days went on. There was something seriously wrong with Edward. I had no idea what, but I would find out and hell hath no fury than a woman scorned when I found out what the hell was wrong with him. Someone's going to get hurt when I found out who changed my Edward. I didn't care if God himself was the one that did it. They were going to pay.

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