Slow Life

When Renee keeps telling Bella that she's an old soul, she has no idea how right she is. See, Bella really is an old soul. She keeps getting reincarnated every time her body dies. So, where does Edward come in?


3. Blueside


When I woke up it was already morning and it was supposed to be my first day at my new high school. The dream had left me miserable, like every time I dreamed about Edward. Of course, he had many names in the past, but we always called each other names we had in the latest life until we got to know each other's new names. Silly, I know, but it worked. If we called each other Marc Anthony and Cleopatra for instance, it would be a bit odd, since these names were well known today.

Haha, bet you believed that we were those two. You're wrong. We have been royalty a few times, but never in old Egypt. I was a scribe there at least a dozen times, but usually I was either a slave or a peasant. Edward was the one that had the highest number in being a scribe there (since he liked writing and all that). He's also been an astronomer a few times (he likes gazing up into the stars at night) and a peasant. We've been a pair of basenjis as well. Now, they're funny animals. They are dogs, of course, but they're lazy dogs. Our masters had to carry us to the hunt, because it was too hot for us if we ran and we tired easily.

We were never mummified, luckily.

The alarm brought me back to reality and I quickly turned it off. I was already awake, and I didn't want to wake Charlie if he was still asleep. His room was across the hall from mine and we shared one bathroom.

I quickly dressed into black jeans and a blue turtleneck sweater. It was cold in Forks, so I picked up my silver parka to go with it. That way I wouldn't be cold. I also put a few blank notebooks in my school bag along with a pencil case. I would get my books at the school along with my new schedule. I hoped to whatever deity that listened to me that I wouldn't have Gym. I was an extremely clumsy person – no matter how many times I was reincarnated, this quirk stayed with me. Edward constantly made fun of me because of it. Of course, he had to be perfect all the time. He was graceful and had a talent for so many things, while I was a clumsy and talentless person. Of course, you could say that I could acquire a talent with time, but I always died before I could acquire it and I had to grow up enough to start with it again. But usually I just gave up the talent and tried something else.

The house was empty when I came down the stairs. Dad must have already gone to work. Opening the refrigerator I quickly pulled out a strawberry pop tart and ate it with a cup of cold milk. I never liked warm milk – it made me sick. When I was finished, I put the dishes in the sink and exited the house.

Dad has gotten me an old truck as a homecoming present. It was a reddish Chevy truck and to my immense surprise, I loved it. It was a good car for me, as Charlie had said. It was a car that could be found at the site of an accident unharmed with pieces of the other car surrounding it.

Forks High School wasn't hard to find. It was just off the high road. I parked on one of the empty lots near a building that was named "Front Office" and went inside. The lady there greeted me and after a few minutes of talking about my schedule (sucks to be me, I have Gym today) and how to get to classes. When I exited the building the other lots were already filling out. I was relieved that my truck didn't stand out too much. A shiny silver Volvo was the only car that really stood out.

I followed some of the students into the building where I would have my first subject (English) and after introducing myself to the other students, went to sit in the back. School was always a bit boring to me, since I've been to high school so many times already. I've also been to quite a lot of colleges as well. I've studied literature, history and ancient languages the most, with some psychology, law and medicine thrown in for kicks.

English and Trigonometry (my next class) went swiftly by and soon it was lunchtime.

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