adopted by one direction

Im Hailey I was a orphan until one day that changed my life forever


3. My Dirty Little Secret

Hailey POV

I go up to my room to get my hair out my face I hated it in my face. I start singing to myself. I pull my hair up in a high pony tail letting my bangs fall into place. I walk out of my room and there they are "evesdropping" I said.

"how do ya know" Louis said

"lucky guess" I laughed

"not good huh"

"that means im either great or bad"

"nicely done" Louis said we went back to the living room "you came out your shell fast"

"yeah I know"

"so how much more in music can you do"

"I can rap sorta"

"what do you mean sorta"

"I mean like I cant be like malckamore but like Cher"

"can we hear"

"name a rap"

"the one from your love"

"easy" I started the rap and it was way to easy I might of been an orphan but there was a radio and I would always sing along and of course I learned the raps to most songs.

"oh we also got you something"

"oh you didnt have to"

"well we wanted to" They handed me a pink covered bax I opened it there was a laptop

"Oh my gosh thank you" I said hugging them.

"theres wifi on it let me see it" Liam said he got on it went on google and searched youtube "here you can find lyrics to songs and theres a built in web cam so you can make videos if you want and upload them to youtube"

"thank you" I said again I searched Little Mix I heard wings on the radio and at the orphanage there were houses nearby some of the kids came down there alot and picked on us I tried to talked to them and they shhed me and i was then you can walk on by *flash back*

"hello orphans"Brad said

"hello Bra..t"I said

"Ha says the one no one"



"then you can walk on by"

"You obviously dont have a brain'

"well neither do you"

"your terriable at comebacks"

"I wasnt trying" He slapped me

"oh no you didnt" I said all sassy

"what are you going to do about it your just a little orphan"

"Brad you dont know what happened when you were a baby but I do"

"what do you mean"

"I would say but that wouldnt be any fun"

"tell me"

"Im sorry but I like keeping it to myself *cough orphan*" His eyes narrowed

"Liar!!!!!!!!" He screamed

"Maybe Maybe not"

"what ever orphan" he said spitting at me

"your just hater" I said with a satisfied smirk on my face

*Flashback over*

I found a song going nowhere and clicked on it by the time the song was over it was 8 "Im tired I think Im going to bed" I said.

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