adopted by one direction

Im Hailey I was a orphan until one day that changed my life forever


2. Getting to Know One Direction

Niall Pov

Hailey seemed really shy. But I could tell she would fit in perfectly around her. "Hailey tell us about your self" I said trying to start a conversation.

"Oh ok" she was very quiet "well Im Hailey you already know that Im 11 my friends say that Im crazy in a funny way"

"sounds like lou" I said she smiled.

"Well I was at the orphanage since I was 5 and I helped out with the chores and other stuff" she was still sorta quiet "but im a really fun person just very shy" she said well we got that down

"you seem alot like louis" Harry said she looked confused " when we first met Louis he was quite shy and then after 2 hrs he came out of his shell and he was his crazy fun self" she smiled again.

"I love music and when I helped cook I would hum a little and sometimes I used to sing alot but I dont any more"

"can you sing for us" Liam asked she looked up and shook her head no.

"come on" Louis said.

"Im not that good" She said. We couldnt hear the sound of her voice so we couldnt tell if she could sing or not she was to quiet. "Im terrible compared to ya'll" She said

"well ok how about we tell you a little about our selves" Zayn suggested.

"Ok I'll go first" I said "Im Niall Im 19 Im in one direction Im from Ireland I have a brother named Greg and I play guitar and sing of course"

"My turn" Louis said "Im Louis the Tommo Tommlinson and I am 21 in One Direction and Im from Doncoster and I like lamberginis and I make everyone laugh" he said

"I'll go" Harry said "Im Harry Im also 19 Im from Holmes Chapel"

"Also he is the fliry" Louis said rolling his eyes she laughed.

"I'll go" Liam said "Im Liam Im 19 Im from wolverhampton I auditioned for the x factor twice and I am the smart one in the group"

"Well I guess Im last save the best for last" Zayn said she laughed at his comment about being last"Im Zayn Im 20 Im from Bradford I got 3 sisters I meant to go on the x factor I think 3 times before I did but I got to nervous..."

"scared" Louis corrected him

"yeah whatever to go and my mom finally dragged me there and here I am"

"Do you know anything about One Direction other than what we told you' Louis asked

"well I heard one song live while were young but thats it' She answered Hailey is going to learn alot very soon!

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