Same Mistakes ( A 1D Fan fic )

Ashley Sketch, A 19 yeared old girl, who works for a populaur Teen Magazine, gets a once in a lifetime chance to interview One Direction. She finds herself Kissing Harry Styles a week after the interview. But soon gets Hates. Will Ashley conquour her fear or will she stay in her hole and hide?


1. More about Ashley

I did my happy dance which included of squealing and jumping on the inside as soon as I heared Allison, our head reporter was sick. What so good about that is, the band, One Direction is supposed to be interviewed by her. And as senior reporter/interviewer, our assistant head reporter, he thought that it'd be great  to see a 'fresh face' and seeing what a huge fan I am, and also a good interviewer I am, he agreed to let muah replace Allison. So I can't wait till next week. Oh, I totally forgot, my name's Ashley. Ashley sketch. I'm 19 and work for a popular teen magazine. I still go to school though, I live in America. I am currently going to Albert Gemstone's school. It's pretty cool. Only the Jocks are the worst. You see them with one in a hour, and another the next. Luckily I haven't been a victim, (yet) unfortunately, my bestfriend, somehow got me to agree to tryout for the cheer team. Yep. Short Skirts and Tight crop tops so...  I'm just gonna do my worst. I don't know how to do a full split. Or even open a can. I know embarrassing. But the first time I tried, the thing came off, so we had to cut it open and pour it in a cup. Second time, the drink exploded in my face. So I gave up and whenever I got a can, I ask my bestfriend to open it for me or I try to get bottled drinks. I'm your typical teenager, nearly in my twenties. I am 19. I love parties, but i never let my party side take over my grades. 

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